Dropping packets

  • I'm dropping packets over wifi and hard wire. I connected directly to my cable modem and no packet loss. I've done a factory reset twice and hard reset with paperclip. Running 2.7.1 firmware. Also the mesh network is broadcasting hidden SSIDs even though I have guest wifi disabled and no additional SSIDs created. I've tried disabling and enabling additional SSIDs with no success. At this point I'm at my wits end. I've had zero problems with AmpliFi for over a year and now it's unusable. I suspect that the firmware is the problem. Can I downgrade to 2.6.x? I would like to send my logs. Thanks

  • @lee-almeida Hi Lee! Would you like to update to 2.8.0 instead? It hasn't been officially released, but it has a lot of improvements over the 2.7 series, and has undergone beta testing for a pretty long period.

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  • @ubnt-gunars yes how do i install it? thank you

  • I updated the router and mesh points to 2.8 firmware and I'm still dropping packets over hard wire and wireless. I installed a linksys router to test and no dropped packets. I have a 115Mbps connection and it goes down to .5 Mbps behind the router. If I enable Hardware NAT it won't connect at all. Any ideas? Downgrade firmware? Can I send the log files?

  • @lee-almeida I don't think it's a firmware issue. If you could generate router support info after making it run for a while with this issue, we'd be able see what's going on. Please send the file to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com.

  • @ubnt-gunars I enabled bridge mode, put it behind the linksys router and no dropped packets! Tested wifi speed and it's at 25Mbps which I think is normal. I'm using Spectrum cable. This whole problem started after a Spectrum outage but confirmed it was the routing on the amplifi router causing the issue. Not sure what changed. I'll upload the logs, hopefully someone can figure it out.

  • @lee-almeida Have you tried doing a Factory Reset?

  • Hi
    Any solution here?
    I have the amplifi hd and have had trouble since about january, and many calls with my ISP.
    What happend to me was that suddenly my network went slow, checked a online speedtest, and it tried going all the way to 500 that is what i have (500/50), but before reaching 500 it drops to around 60 with alot of ping and jitter.
    i have the latest firmware and so on. The only temporary solution was to turn on and off and it then worked for awhile.
    Lately it drops as soon as i turn on and off modem og uses my computer to do an online speedtest.
    I then tried a Linksys Velop, no problem. Then i called and ordered a new amplifi.
    I then connected the new amplifi, updated it and tried, same fault, i tried everything and suddenly after activating hardware NAT it worked until this morning. The same happend again, turned then off the modem again.
    When it drops i checked out the app and found that i was tould to verify ipv4 configuration and DNS.
    Turning on and off modem solves this.
    Any ideas???

  • @bjørn-håvoll I'm just about to ready to throw this router in the trash. Constant pausing in internet connectivity, which kills my kids xbox games and pisses my wife off while streaming a movie. I've had this router for over a year and it's needed constant babysitting and daily rebooting. I'm done. Gonna dump $500 on a velop system. The enitire reason I went with Ubiqiti is that they make commercial access points for hotels and such so I figured it should be rock solid. Alas, this is by far the worst router I have ever owned.

  • @bjørn-håvoll The only solution for me was to install a linksys router and put the amplifi in bridge mode. However the new firmware for the mesh points decreased range and performance for one and completely bricked the other one. I've tried doing recovery with no success. I'm about ready to throw this in the trash too. It sucks because I've had good luck with their commercial units but the Amplifi system has a lot of flaws. I can't recommend these to my customers anymore.

  • @greg-beckemeier Hi Greg! Sorry to hear about your experiences. It would help us a lot if you generated support information when this is happening, and sent it to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com.

  • @lee-almeida Hi Lee! Thanks for sharing your support information. We see that both of your mesh points and all but 2 clients are in the 2.4 GHz band. Please switch the mesh points to 5 GHz. If one of the MPs doesn't respond to commands, you can try to temporarily bring it closer to the router. This might have been caused by a bug in the update process, which we've since fixed.

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