Use USB Port for NAS

  • Allow plugging in any USB drive to the USB port to turn it into a NAS that is compatible with Apple's iOS Files App.

  • This would be quite good but it appears that there is only a USB-2 port on the router so speeds would be limited.

    Even with the limitations of USB-2 this would still be good feature.

    Thank you

  • Make the USB port a truly useful feature and make it USB 3.x (USB 2.0 is not a viable option for most I think). Having a USB port that is not enabled on a shipping product is not a good design/mgt decision. Better to not have it there at all. Be upfront about it too. There are contradictory posts and videos going back to early 2018 saying this feature is coming soon and others saying it will never be implemented. Please clarify.

    For me this is a defining feature in the buying decision. I am willing to wait 3-6 months or so if it is or will be in development. If not I will have to go elsewhere for a mesh network.

  • Please use the below link to reference a past conversation discussing this exact topic:

    Hope this helps clear things up!

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