Two topics: Devices drops to 2.4Ghz Band, Poor performance in general

  • First of all sorry for my horrible English...

    I have two Amplifi routers. I have made yesterday a Mesh network with Ethernet Backhaul. Firmware: 2.7.1 (Both). Connection mode with ISP's modem/router: Bridge.

    Things that work OK:

    • It seems to be very stable (I have tried an Orbi RBK53 system which hungs very frecuently, desynchronizes...).


    1. Devices get connected to 2.4Ghz instead of 5Ghz band very frecuently. If it happens (2.4Ghz band connected) speed falls below 15 Mbps (Speedtest app on Android).
    2. When connected to 5Ghz band, speed reaches 250/280 Mbps when I'm very close to one of the routers, one or two meters. I have fiber connection 600/600 Mbps - Provider: Movistar (Spain), but If I go to other room, I get 30-40 Mbps which is very poor.

    More about problem 1: When I move near to a router, it doesn't manage the change from 2.4 to 5Ghz band, or at least fast enough.

    Amplifi Support told me to enable the second SSID. Ok, I have enabled it (only 5 Ghz band), I have connected to it and I get same speed near the router. In other room I can't see it, so my mobile device connects to the "standard" SSID. Anyway it doesn't seem to be a good solution. If I have made a Mesh network is to forget the nightmare of multiple SSIDs and bands with my old repeaters and Access Points.

    I'm very disappointed with Amplifi system performance. Orbi system, when it works Ok (It have several and serious problems with Ethernet Backhaul), gives me more tan 300 Mbps near the router and more tan 150 Mbps in any part of my house, 3-floor house. Furthermore It connects devices to 5Ghz band more frequently or more easily than Amplifi routers.

    Any idea or suggestion? I'm thinking about return my two amplifi routers to Amazon and buy a Linksys Velop (tri-band) system instead.

  • Hello again,

    Forget the previous post. I have decided to return both AFI R to Amazon.
    They are stable (Ok) but they are very slow. Furthermore it Wifi range or Wifi power is not great.

    I'm very disappointed with them and I don't want to waste my time with Beta firmware or other solutions. They should work Ok out of the box.

    Netgear Orbi (RBK53) is very very fast, but its Ethernet backhaul is a nightmare. Amplifi is very stable, but very slow for me.

    So at this moment I'm going to return to the Wifi of my Fiber router and an extra Access Point. In the future I want to try Linksys Velop tri-band system with Ethernet backhaul (a must for me).

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