Outstanding Customer Service

  • I had an exceptional customer support experience. My Amplifi Mesh Router was not getting an IP address from my ISP. I spent the better part of an hour troubleshooting this with Leana M. Their perseverance was without equal. Not only was the problem completely resolved, but my network performance was tuned such that I am now consistently getting 866 Mbps network speeds. Bravo, and well done on your selection of support engineers! Happy customer here, that's for certain.

  • @eric-allen Thank you so much for sharing this! I will share this feedback with Leana as well as her management so she gets the kudos she deserves.

  • I too had a very good customer support experience. I posted on the forum that the power cord was too short for my setup and in no time I had a longer one in the mail that was just right. I had contact with Leana and Staci, both were great.

    Bill J.

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