HD Mesh Router connected using Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter

  • Is anyone using Amplifi with Ethernet over Coax as back haul? I have ATT U-Verse Gigapower and have 3 Amplifi HD routers (2 in mesh mode) but the throughput on wi-fi is less than optimal. I have ATT DVR connected over coax/HPNA (using the ATT Pace residential gateway) but thinking that I can switch that to Ethernet and use the built in coax to connect the routers). The wiring (as I see it would look something like this):

    On the gateway side:
    Gateway (LAN Ethernet) -> Actiontec (Ethernet) -> Actiontec (Coax) -> Wall (Coax)

    On the mesh router side
    Wall (Coax) -> Actiontec (Coax) -> Actiontec (Ethernet) -> HD Mesh Router (Ethernet WAN) -> DVR and AppleTV (Ethernet Mesh Router LAN)

    The primary HD router is connected to the Gateway via Ethernet.

    Thoughts on whether this would work? Is it worth it? Thanks for your help.

  • @rakesh-gupta What's your Internet speed, and what are you getting on the mesh points? Ethernet backhaul is definitely fast, but I'd use it from 500 Mbps and up, if the wiring is not there already. Maybe your speeds can be improved with firmware settings and better router placement.

  • @ubnt-gunars Internet speed is 950Mbps when connected directly to the modem. I have my primary HD router in bridge mode as I have AT&T TV receivers hanging off the AT&T modem.

    On wifi - I get around 150-200Mbps down when connected the primary router and about 100-130Mbps up. On the mesh points (also HD routers), I get between 100-120Mbps down, 80-110Mpbs up. From the app, the mesh routers show good connections (100% and 95%).

    Any suggestions?

  • @rakesh-gupta How do you measure the speed? Those numbers are really low. Have you tried different 5 GHz channels? What are your wired speeds on the main AmpliFi unit?

  • @ubnt-gunars For testing the speed, I have been using the Mac/iOS Speedtest app and selecting the AT&T servers in my local city. So far, my channel selection has been automatic but I can try setting it (the Mac Wifi diagnostic tool is recommending different channels). My wired speed from the main Amplifi router is the same as what it is for the AT&T gateway (about 950-980 Mbps).

  • @ubnt-gunars RE: different 5 GHz channels - I tried 2 different channels (161, 149) but don't see much difference. I did the ISP Test from the Amplifi iOS app and got 197 Mbps down, 78 Mbps up. Does that make sense given that the main HD router is hardwired to the AT&T modem and I get the 950-980 Mbps when connected directly to the Amplifi router?

  • @rakesh-gupta This is not normal at all. With the speedtest.net app you should be getting 600-700 Mbps over Wi-Fi close to the router, 400-500 Mbps in the same room and 300-400 Mbps in adjacent rooms. Even higher numbers with iperf3. Maybe it picks different servers for your Wi-Fi tests, or maybe you can try running it with different devices. The most likely explanation is still channel selection. Can you try Wifiman app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubnt.usurvey to find the best channel? The built-in AmpliFi app speed test doesn't give accurate numbers. It doesn't test Wi-Fi either, IIRC.

    Perhaps it's better we take a look at your support information. Could you generate it and send to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com?

  • @ubnt-gunars I've been fairly consistent with using the same provider for Speedtest. I will send you the logs separately. Is there an iOS version of the app? I could not find one from Ubiquiti on the App Store. Will also send you support info.

  • @rakesh-gupta do you know what the reported RSSI is when you bring a client close to the main router?

  • @ubnt-gunars Apple wifi diagnostic is saying RSSI is -29, Noise is -93 (see attached). I am about 10 ft away from the main router.


  • @rakesh-gupta That's very good signal, and you should be getting much better speeds. I'm wondering if there could be something on your network that's overloading the router, like a computer with malware. What if you disconnected your mesh points and changed the SSID on the main router so only one client is connected to it, and then tried speed test again? Also, would you be willing to try beta firmware?

  • @ubnt-gunars re: overloading the router - is there any way to monitor the traffic via Amplifi? I don't think I have any computers with vulnerabilities. I may be able to do the test but it will have to be over the weekend - my home automation devices (mainly Z-Wave, Zigbee but some on wifi - Ring Doorbell, Rachio, 2 thermostats, 2 Harmony hubs) are connected to the 2.4GHz band as is my hub and I cannot have it offline for an extended period.

    I can try the beta as long as I can revert back to 2.7.3 if things go awry... let me know the process? I guess I will have to do it for all 3 units (1 main, 2 HDs in mesh mode)?

  • @rakesh-gupta That type of traffic can't be monitored by the user. The easiest way to update your firmware is to get it on the beta list, and agree to the update in the app. Reverting back to 2.7.3 is possible too. Let me know when you've filled https://goo.gl/forms/zRTkSInReeb7cNfJ2. We'll need the MAC addresses of all your AmpliFi nodes.

  • Quick update - I just installed the Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 adapters and so far so good. I'm getting about 820Mbps down and 860Mbps up when connected directly to ethernet via coax. I've connected my Amplifi Mesh HD router and Speedtest on AppleTV connected to the router is showing the same results. My UVerse receivers are wired (coax) and they appear to be working as well (so far). Here is what I did:

    1. Connected ATT Gateway coax into a splitter and also connected the Actiontec adapter to the splitter (dual coax side). Also connected the ethernet on the Actiontec adapter to the ATT Gateway LAN port.
    2. Connected the splitter into the wall coax outlet (single coax side) near the gateway. The primary Amplifi router is already connected to the ATT Gateway and is in bridge mode
    3. Connected a splitter (single coax side) into the wall outlet near the mesh router
    4. Connected the ATT Receiver (VP1200) coax into one of the outputs on the splitter (dual coax side)
    5. Connected the Actiontec adapter to the 2nd coax output on the splitter
    6. Connected the ethernet on the Actiontec adapter to the WAN port on the Amplifi Mesh router.

    Hope this helps someone.

  • @rakesh-gupta Thank you for posting this update! I have had a few customers ask about this as a solution, now we have some form of example that has been testing and is functioning!

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