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  • Hello all!

    Welcome to the AmpliFi community! My name is Kevin with the AmpliFi support team stopping in here to introduce myself and to let you know that I am here to answer any and all of your AmpliFi related questions. I am just getting started in the community but I am excited to start answering your questions and work closer with our users!

    If you have any questions, need assistance or just want to say hey feel free to message me.

  • Hi Kevin -

    I too am new. I just transitioned from an Apple TimeCapsule to Amplifi and so far I'm quite pleased. I do wish there was a macOS desktop client, but I can live without that for awhile I suppose.

    When I set-up the Amplifi I think I created a "base station password" and also a wireless network password. I think I might have use the same for both. I've got the network password written down, but I can't remember how or what I entered for the base station password.

    So: am I remembering right? Did I create both a base station and a wireless password? If I did, does it matter that they're both the same? Should I make the effort to reset the base station password so I know what it is? Will I ever need it for anything?

    Thanks! Let me know if I should move this question to another forum.

  • @ubnt-kevin Welcome to the club Kevin!

  • @paul-mcguane Hey Paul, so it's sounding like you did create an admin password and a wireless password. When you initially set up your router there was a checkbox, in the name your network and set password page, at the bottom that prompted if you wanted to keep your passwords the same for both. The admin password is needed to access the app in general.

    If you don't remember the admin password or want to have the passwords be the same you can do a factory reset on your router and check that box to keep the passwords the same during the new setup. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask!


  • @ubnt-kevin Fortunate to move into an apt with 1GB webpass connection, (no modem needed) but will need wifi router since the other end of the house, the signal has to pass thru 2 concrete walls.

    I am debating whether I should get a Archer C4000 router available from Costco and if the signal is weak on the other side of house (bedroom), add a mesh point (?which product/model). OR get a "ready made" set such as AmpliFi HD WiFi System at higher price. Am somewhat confused by multiple products made... I am wondering if cost-effective solution be with Archer and AmpliFi HD WiFi MeshPoint only.

    thanks for your input.

  • @greg-chang Thank you for reaching out! To hopefully answer your question, you can go one of two ways here. You could get the Archer C4000 unit and use our AmpliFi standalone mesh points as extenders off of that router, however, our AmpliFi products works best when working with other AmpliFi products.

    It comes down to personal preference, but getting either a AmpliFi HD kit (router and 2 mesh points) or a standalone AmpliFi router with 1 mesh point could work great for you. Moreover, getting the Archer router with a range extender could work as well.

    Having a complete AmpliFi system would allow you to have a functioning mesh system that should reach all the way across your home.

    Thank you,

  • @ubnt-kevin im new to this whole mesh system thing and i was wondering, does amplifi or any other mesh wifi unit provide its own internet, so like a one and done kinda thing, or does it take your pre-existing internet and just make it better?

  • @sore Thanks for the question! With our AmpliFi system, the AmpliFi router will need to receive a connection from a modem. It is not a modem/router combo. As for other mesh systems, I do not know.

    Feel free to ask me anymore AmpliFi related questions!


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