In-Depth Controls

  • As many people have already expressed, it would be great to get a much more granular set of controls for the admin control console. Just like others, I too would like to have the ability to set a schedule on devices that are connected daily.

    • It would be great to be able to manage the router from the web controller

    • It would be nice to be able to see the devices connected to the network on the map and the mesh points, not just the router. I don't think people would mind having to manually place devices on the map nor the mesh points to see the full coverage.

    • It would be awesome to see each devices client details in a LIVE state. I know the app shows this but its a snapshot on when the tab was opened. And maybe the web controller can get accurate devices names since the controller and the app are both linked to the same account and its how it sees the devices in the first place.

    • Ubiquiti has the ability to integrate the mapping process into google maps. It allows the ability to see a satellite image of your home and with some simple measurements you easily have your map created. Its great to have the floor plan, but a satellite overlay feature would be amazing as well so we can determine how much coverage we have around the actual property and potentially into neighbors homes. (My floor plan accurate and it shows my coverage WAY outside of my home, almost looks like its broadcasting to the entire neighborhood)

    Just a couple thoughts i have had while digging around and learning what the controller has to offer.

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