After Firmware Update - No Signal, No Internet, Cannot Connect

  • I just got my Amplifi HD router yesterday and the initial setup was flawless!

    I was immediately able to connect, the signal strength was full 4 bars on various devices (Mac Mini, Lenovo laptop, Note 8, iPhone 7) connected to my Comcast Xfinity cable modem/router.

    Then in the evening I let it update to the current firmware (2.7) and the router is no longer functioning - I cannot connect using any device as the signal is non-existent and at most is 1-2 bars from about 10 feet away.

    I played around with the 2.4 and 5 Ghz channels and frequencies but nothing helped and now I cannot connect to it at all to even get the logs.

    Please advise. Can I revert back to factory firmware? or is there a better fix?

  • @richard-capatosto I can help you revert back to the previous firmware, but I don't feel like that will be a solution in this situation as we have everyone else running 2.7 without this issue.

    Curious, what does the LCD screen on the device show? If you don't mind, lets start by performing a factory reset on the main router and going through the quick setup process again. To trigger the reset since you cannot access the app, take a paperclip to the reset button located on the bottom of the router, the LCD screen will indicate when its rebooting.

    Please keep me updated,

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