Technical Details on how Remote Access to Router Works

  • Good Day,

    I once asked that question and was informed how to use it. Not what I wanted. With all the various security issues about router being owned, flashed with malware and used in DDOS attacks, I trusted Ubiquiti would rock here with Amplifi.

    Can anyone tell me how on earth can I access my Amplifi router from the internet with my Google account (note: not how to use it, but how it does it)? To me, it means that there are some WAN facing ports opened, hence providing an attack vector for some malfeasance real soon now. Is there a way to disable Remote Access permanently? What ports are opened on the Router for Remote Access?

    Alternatively, the Amplifi Router is behind a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X. Can I block Remote Access through the EdgeRouter-X?

    I did not get the Amplifi Router for its remote access capabilities, only for Mesh Routing. Call me paranoid, but I want a secured Router.

    Many Thanks and Regards,

    Michel "Paranoid" Coutu

  • I'd also be very interested to know this! 👍

  • It uses WebRTC like the UniFi cloudkey I believe, so likely UDP on port 443. It won’t map an incoming port it’s only outgoing.

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