Some missing security feqtures thqt should be implemented

  • Dear,

    Very interrested by the AmpliFi solution, I did review the online documentations for getting more information.
    I did notice that some basic security features are not implemented:

    WiFi Mac addesses filtering:
    No option are available for preventing unwanted people to get connected onto the network (WiFi can be easily hack even with a strng password).

    I wasn't able to find any option regarding network protection:
    URL/Port filtering
    Network services filtering (with a possibility to schedule the filtering feqtures)
    Keywords filtering
    DDoS protection
    ICMP respons protection

    Parental Control:
    Enable/Unable access based on time scheduling
    Keywords, services and sites filtering

    QoS features: There are some basic but limited regarding the other existing WiFi devices.

    Although most of these functions can be implemented by other systems (additional network router between the ISP and the AmpliFI router), the main one (MAC address filtering) is, in my opinion, the one to be implemented.

    Thanks and Regards.

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