Remove hardware code between router and mesh points.

  • Remove hard code between router and mesh point. When router fails and is replaced the 2 mesh points are useless as they are hard coded and thus rendered useless.

    Also if 2 kits are combined they cannot be combined as both mesh point and router are coded and the second router cannot be part of the original mesh system.

    For a expensive system this should be flexible. Hardware can do it but your software is inhibiting the flexibility. Also you website when trying to read the product specs does not explain this.




  • @kris-tanis I was wondering about this. So if I don't use my 2nd mesh point antennae, I can't give it to my brother for his system?

    Just did some internet digging and found the same thing (bundled mesh points are coded to the router). I wonder if this is so you can't sell off the extra mesh points that you don't use? I get trying to make it easier to setup, but this needs to be explained clearly on their marketing materials. I guess I'll be returning mine, because I don't think I need to use both mesh points so that was a waste of money 😞

  • @kirk-membry Sorry about the confusion in regards to the mesh points. If you are not going to be using both antennas then exchanging the kit for just a router and a mesh point or even two routers and using one as a mesh point might be the best option for you.

    If you were to factory reset a system that is not factory paired, you would then need to configure each component to your network which increases the setup time and one of our main objective is simplicity in setup for everyone and thats the main reason for this feature.

  • @ubnt-brett I think you misunderstood the question. It is awesome that the factory pre-associates router and mesh points in the kit. However, there should be a way to unassociated in the app, as users' requirements (or environment) can change over time...

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