Remove hardware code between router and mesh points.

  • @juan-perez-0 I have a tendency to agree with you, but I suspect it has to do with the intended market of the Amplifi Kit. I believe the 80-90% of the intended market will have no need for multiple routers, thus will have no need to use a locked mesh point with a different router.

    I think that most of the desire to remove the lock comes from techies like us trying to get more out of the device than its intended market.

    What Amplifi needs to realize is that the techies (10-20% of the market) who purchase their product can have a substantial impact on recommendations of their product.

    When a potential customer asks a techie which mesh product they recommend that recommendation will often be a product they have used. If we don't fully take into account the potential customers environment and technical knowledge, we will not recommend a product that has a deficiency that affects us, even thou it may have NO affect on the person asking for the recommendation.

    If the recommendation we make is Amplifi, we currently need to tell the person to purchase the Amplifi router and mesh points separately, not tell them to purchase a different brand simply because their kit does not lock the mesh point to one router.

    If Amplifi cannot remove the lock then Amplifi needs to clearly highlight this fact in the products description or maybe even stop selling the Kit!

  • @kris-tanis I just found out that they are locked; I’m shocked!! I absolutely love Ubnt but my faith has been shaken. I bought a kit a few months ago but only needed one mesh point. Now I’m installing another kit where I was going to add that extra mesh point and I CAN’T.
    Now I am realizing that if my router goes I am forced into buying a whole new setup (not buying another kit, fool me twice ubnt...)
    I’m returning this kit but unfortunately I can’t return my other kit. I will no longer recommend AMPLIFI to anyone. This lock makes the kit a bad investment FOR ENYONE. “Sorry grandma, you’ll have to spend another $400.”

    How “user friendly” is that ubnt?

    Buy hey, at least it’s easy to setup!

  • @matt-j I understand your upset but since you love UBNT, why not return the kit and purchase individual devices instead of a kit?

  • why not return the kit and purchase individual devices instead of a kit?

    If the logistics work and not too much hassle, good idea to swap the routers around, install the kit at the new location and just get what you need at the original location

  • @matt-j you are not the only one. There should be a "flash at your own risk" option to break the link, but despite numerous requests, Amplifi have not provided it. I DID notice however, that now at least, they show a warning - absent when I bought the kit - that the kits are locked.

    Returning the kit is no longer an option, as my need to expand my system arose after the return period had expired.

    Oh well. First world problem (that's my mantra).

  • Not a personal problem, I am happy to say.

    An acquaintance has the bundled kit of a Router & two Mesh points. He's out of warranty & it appears that his router has failed. He asked me if he bought a new router will he be able to use the mesh points which were bound to the old router.

    If the answer is "Yes" how does he bind them to a new router?

    If the answer is "No"presumably they have no value?


  • @nigel-steward In an instance where the router dies and it is part if a kit the MeshPoints that came with the device will not be able to pair to a new router.

  • @ui-jt So I can tell my friend that all three devices he purchased are scrap.

    Understandably I don't think he will be very pleased !

    Judging from what he was saying yesterday, when I told him this was likely, I'm sure he won't be buying or recommending Amplifi or Ubiquiti equipment in the future.

    Is there nothing which can be salvaged?


  • @nigel-steward Unfortunantly those kit MeshPoints cannot be salvaged, the hard coding in the kits has been discussed on our forums before.

  • @ui-jt Many thanks.

    I've loaned him kit to keep him on-line & he has kindly given me the router power supply.

    As there's nothing from the Mesh Points which can be reused they are off to recycling.

    I'm suggesting he stays with Amplifi or Ubiquiti but doesn't buy "bundled" kit but I think he's a lost cause.

  • As there's nothing from the Mesh Points which can be reused they are off to recycling.

    Hi @nigel-steward - you can separate the electrical plug side of the magnetic ball joint and keep them as spare power supplies for other MeshPoint HD’s as they do occasionally burn out

    I know it’s not much, but something...

  • @derek-saville

    Thanks Derek - I thought that might be the case, hopefully I can save them too.


  • Makes me sick to my stomach at the idea of throwing away perfectly working hardware. My router died out of warranty so purchased a new one and thought I could use the existing mesh points. But now I read this and customer services tell me I can do nothing but bin the mesh points. Thats £200+ of hardware they're suggesting I throw in the bin.

    I too won't be buying or recommending Amplifi or Ubiquiti equipment in the future.

  • @brendan-m

    You should of course be able to return the new router & get a full refund. from the retailer.


  • @nigel-steward Unfortunately not as there's nothing wrong with it. As I had already opened it and set it up before I knew I couldn't pair the old mesh points. The retailer won't refund it unless faulty and they're well within their rights. I'll have to sell it on as never again will I purchase anything from Ubiquiti.

    Had I known that if anything went wrong with the router you're left with two paper weights I'd never have purchased it in the first place.

    If there's any Ubiquiti staff reading these posts, you must see the absolute insanity of what you're forcing on consumers by not letting them be unpaired. And I know rightly it's absolutely possible to do so. It's not that you can't unpair them. You're choosing to not let us which is sickening.

    Imagine you bought a car and one day you need a replacement engine and the manufacturer tells you sorry all of the other parts of the car are locked to the original engine... oh and it's not possible to replace the engine. You need to buy an entire new car. You wouldn't stand for it, no one would.

  • @brendan-m
    I think I'd have a go at returning it on the basis that it's unfit for purpose - certainly here in the UK you would almost certainly get a refund on this basis.


  • Hi @brendan-m - what failed on the original router?

    Assuming you are in the UK, you should have up to 6 years from the time of purchase to claim there was an original defect present during the manufacturer's warranty period and therefore are entitled to repair or replacement by the retailer

    Complain enough and they might give you a refund on the purchased replacement router as advocated by @Nigel-Steward

  • @nigel-steward That worked thanks 🙂 I got someone different this time and argued the issue with the mesh points. They refunded thankfully. Still left with two paperweight mesh points but feel slightly less crap than I did a few days ago at the thought of being stuck with two paperweights and a router I don't want 😂

  • @brendan-m said in Remove hardware code between router and mesh points.:

    mesh points

    I'm glad you sorted the router. Now I would return the two mesh points on the basis that they too are unfit for purpose.

    Good luck.


  • Imagine my surprise today after buying two Amplifi Instant kits to try and resolve coverage problems in my house to discover that the components of each kit are individually hard coded, what absolute BS, this is my second bad experience with Ubiquiti kit here in South Africa this week (apparently none of their resellers offer a repair service, so you just have to junk anything that fails). I'm afraid this is the last time I'm going to use their products.

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