Remove hardware code between router and mesh points.

  • That thing when Marketing kills the Product with no reason. Thank God for showing me this Community thread.
    But one last chance for it: will it work if I buy separate router and e.g. 4 Mesh Points? Will they work or it's limited to 1+2?

  • @andrewharding I feel your pain and can accept all the flaws and problems that come with the fact that all the kit components are hardcoded to each others but the inability to marry two kits to get them to work together is just unforgivable and utterly misjudged in my opinion.

  • @Alexander-Potapov Yes, they will work together if they are standalone units but if aesthetics are not so important to you (i.e. neat looks of a mesh point connected directly to your socket with no need for any cables or other positioning), then the prevalent advice on here is to go for standalone routers rather than mesh points and connect them together as they have better wifi signal, better hardware and can use ethernet backhaul as well making them faster. I have one kit and another standalone router connected to the kit and have been happy with this combination for the size of my property.

  • Terrible customer support, I am tossing the entire $350.00 setup because the router has an “adapter error”. I can only hope someone may be influenced by reading this

  • @Dave-Houston Hello, this is caused by a bad power supply usually. PM me and I will help you.

  • Having the units pre-configured is not a big deal. What frustrates me is that there is no way to break up a kit after the fact. For example, if you have a HD kit setup, and purchase an Alien, you're expected to buy additional, new mesh points. It can be a separate app, that resets the mesh points to no configuration. Since retailers are mostly going to stock the kits, we need a way to grab something in retail and not wait 2 days for shipping.

    I would actually do this outside the normal Amplifi app - having a technician app would be really helpful. I'm trying to switch between Amplifi accounts at different clients to do the 3.4.1 firmware upgrade (1 has 3x HD's, one has 2x HD's, 2x mesh, 2x Instant Routers) and there isn't a great 'switch between sites' like in the Unifi app.

  • @halfrack Hello the pairing is on a hardware level so this would not be something that is possible.

  • From reading the earlier responses, I get the impression that AmpliFi has made a corporate decision to keep all the devices in a kit hard-locked together: the router and mesh points are hard-locked at the factory and can not be separated. This is a shame.

    It means that if the router breaks for any reason, the mesh points become useless, and have to be trashed, because they can't be moved to a new router.

    I hope AmpliFi reconsiders this decision. It will definitely be a drawback I will talk about if anybody else asks me about AmpliFi.

  • @Josh-Lehan The solution is to not buy the kit. While the notion behind the kit (pre-configured, easy to set up) was a good one, the implementation of locking the components to each other was and is not consumer friendly. The good news (if you care to look at it that way) is that it's fairly easy to mix and match components from Amplifi to build out your own custom designed mesh setup. Want a hardwired backhaul, use a pair of routers. Wireless backhaul and easy setup your desired approach, pick mesh points or routers based on performance and cost. You avoid the lockin and gain more control over your network's design.

    One point I will make, buy extra power supplies for your router(s). Amplifi seems to have a supply chain issue with power supply stock, so keep at least one spare on hand.

  • @UI-JT What happens when a firmware update from UI comes down and bricks your AFi-R router with two hard coded meshpoints? The consumer is stuck spending ANOTHER $400 on a kit wherein we purchased it initially, so we should be able to do whatever we want with the meshpoints at that point. Right now, UI is creating more of an electronic garbage heap and attributing to the litter around the world.

    "Spend $400 on a kit so in <1 year you can be less 'green' and throw away perfectly good meshpoints and then spend another $400 on another kit just to have the same issue happen in <1 year from then."

    MAKES. NO. SENSE. #FreeTheMeshpoints

  • I’ve used Ubiquiti cameras at work since 2014 and they have been amazing devices. When I decided to purchase a mesh system to replace my Apple Airport, I decided to go with Ubiquiti because of the name, simplicity and reliability. I also really like that I have a young child, the mesh points don’t have cables to strangle her and they can break apart with magnets so she can’t hurt them. Plus they look really clean.
    I have been having network issues in a far room and decided to purchase a couple of mesh points. After looking around, they are out of stock everywhere, though Amazon has them for $270(!) for one of them. I went on eBay and purchased a whole kit for $200 in order to expand my current system. Imagine my shock when I found out they are hard wired and cannot be swapped between systems. Terrible move. Should have at least software locked them, so when the system is obsolete (which is probably now) we can mix and match kits to continue to use the parts and keep electronics out of the landfill. I guess I can no longer recommend any of their products anymore. Someone have any suggestions of mesh networks that don’t do this?

  • Hi,

    I've been really happy with my Amplifi HD Mesh system, however I have a range issue for a Wifi CCTV Camera. So I bought another Meshpoint to expand my network, it wouldn't pair... After spending some time, I've found this article.

    There is absolutely nothing on the product description listed on Amazon or on the Product listing on the site which clearly states that this mesh network cannot be extended beyond whats shipped.

    [](link url)

    In fact the way the product is listed on Amazon with Mesh Wifi System, and the separate Meshpoints and Router would lead you to beleive that you could add more to the existing system.

    Up until this point I was a huge advocate of the Amplifi system, but after finding out its hardware paired and there is nothing that can be done about it, I'm well and truly dissapointed and will no longer recommend this product to my friends and clients. Not that Ubiquiti care as the sale has been done.

    Ubiquiti - you need to listen to your customers and remove this absurd hardware lock. It's a stupid thing to do, the point of a mesh network is having the ability to extend it How would a new customer know that when they buy the kit, that it cannot be extended!?

    I would never have bought this kit had I known it couldn't be expanded in the future.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have just discovered this limitation, and the result is 4 perfectly working mesh amplifiers are now electronic garbage, two of them just new. One router was stolen, the other case failed. Not very eco friendly, Ubiquiti.
    Specially since there's almost no savings in buying the kit, and they are the exact same hardware. At least just say it in the description or make them color themed or something obvious.

  • Another argument for enabling the ability to unpair factory meshes: I had a single meshpoint fail, but the only warranty remedy was a replacement of the entire system - router and both meshes. While I appreciate the warranty replacement, that's absurd and required me to make a special trip to a site to handle. Make it possible to unpair and pair a new mesh effortlessly. Please.

  • @ragingfish Don't get your hopes up since this has been written about for a long time with no feasible reply from Amplifi therefore I will be shocked if it happens. The least they should have done is to make this limitation clear to potential buyers. For some people, this is not a problem but for a large group, it is and will become more evident as the product ages. By not providing some kind of fix, I feel they are hurting future sales and they either don't believe it will or simply don't care.

    Even though my living environment is small reducing the need for the Alien, I probably will not purchase another Amplifi product or recommend one. For my environment, I plan to go with the Ubiquiti Dream Machine when I need to change. I installed one for my daughter who has a much larger house and it has been great and she loves it.

  • @James-Earl-Ford yeah, not banking on this changing any day soon.

  • Just found out about this during the config stage - so annoying. There is no stock any where in Australia for the stand alone router, so I bought 3 of the the router and 1 mesh kits thinking I could I could add the mesh APs to a single router (1 router and 3 Mesh APs).

    Pretty petty product design - I can't even see there is a cost benefit have the Mesh APs locked. Stuff customers and stuff the environment nice corporate culture.

  • I've been speaking to Support recently about another issue and I decided to poke at this again. I'm not sure if they were meant to say this, but if it's true, Amplifi may have finally decided to do the right thing. For their customers and the environment.


  • Fingers crossed, I got a 2nd kit in its box, under my desk I can't use!

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