Remove hardware code between router and mesh points.

  • Remove hard code between router and mesh point. When router fails and is replaced the 2 mesh points are useless as they are hard coded and thus rendered useless.

    Also if 2 kits are combined they cannot be combined as both mesh point and router are coded and the second router cannot be part of the original mesh system.

    For a expensive system this should be flexible. Hardware can do it but your software is inhibiting the flexibility. Also you website when trying to read the product specs does not explain this.




  • @kris-tanis I was wondering about this. So if I don't use my 2nd mesh point antennae, I can't give it to my brother for his system?

    Just did some internet digging and found the same thing (bundled mesh points are coded to the router). I wonder if this is so you can't sell off the extra mesh points that you don't use? I get trying to make it easier to setup, but this needs to be explained clearly on their marketing materials. I guess I'll be returning mine, because I don't think I need to use both mesh points so that was a waste of money 😞

  • @kirk-membry Sorry about the confusion in regards to the mesh points. If you are not going to be using both antennas then exchanging the kit for just a router and a mesh point or even two routers and using one as a mesh point might be the best option for you.

    If you were to factory reset a system that is not factory paired, you would then need to configure each component to your network which increases the setup time and one of our main objective is simplicity in setup for everyone and thats the main reason for this feature.

  • @ubnt-brett I think you misunderstood the question. It is awesome that the factory pre-associates router and mesh points in the kit. However, there should be a way to unassociate in the app, as users' requirements (or environment) can change over time...

  • The setup is dead easy even when they aren’t paired. Please allow more flexibility. I’m going to have to sell an AmpliFiHD and buy a new one because it was hard coded? That’s crazy. It’s so easy to add a mesh point to a network. Please unlock the devices, or st least allow the user to make any HD a stand alone HD.

  • @mike-liang

    Frankly this is essential. I have a kit + another mesh point. I will be adding 2 more mesh points but won't proceed until this issue is fixed.

    Surely a bit of code or a firmware update could be issued to address this issue, sooner rather than later.

    This issue is becoming widely known, and must impact adversely on sales of what is otherwise a decent product.


  • I can understand the economic choice to incentivize kits with the added, albeit very slight, benefit of having the units pre-paired for setting up.

    They are trying to sell meshes after all.

    I assume the issue is AmpliFi not wanting people buying kits at a discount and then parting them out?

    Just remove the discount altogether (or make it -$5 for packaging) on the kits and then let the units be un-paired if that is the case.

  • I understand the desire to make it easy for the customer to set up, but it really reduces options for the future. Buy two kits thinking you can use them all together? Wrong. It's really the only major problem I've seen with the AmpliFi system. It's just an amazing little mesh system with phenomenal support and capabilities.

  • The other option would be to unlock after a certain amount of time (6 months?) - but they should continue to lock the hardware at the point of sale if they continue to discount...

    (based on AmpliFi Store list prices)
    In reality it seems like the Mesh Wi-Fi System and the stand alone MeshPoint HD are essentially obsolete now
    Why buy a $340 Mesh Wi-Fi System when you can get an HD Router + 2 Instant Routers for less than $10 more?
    The Instant Router is also $20 less than the stand alone MeshPoint HD!

    The Instant System price puts the Instant Mesh at only $80 more than the Instant Router, so why bother locking them?
    It will be interesting to see if they offer the Instant Mesh separately and at what price point

  • @ubnt-brett " of our main objective is simplicity in setup for everyone and thats the main reason for this feature"
    but not the most important, make money!

  • @ubnt-brett
    This is bug, not a feature.
    Please solve this terrible issue!

    Best regards

  • Is this issue going to be resolved?

  • @batman-the-dark-knight is not an issue it's a design choice.

  • @edward-dolezal

    Accepting that it is a design choice, and helps profitability, there is no reason why the end user is unable to remove the hard code between router and mesh points if required.

    Come on guys wake up & get this done.


  • @nigel-steward no one said we had to accept it, that's the point of every one asking to have it changed.

  • Hi @nigel-steward - it is possible to lock devices together requiring physical hardware changes at the board level to circumvent

    Maybe they could get around it with firmware, but that might expose some other security vulnerability

    The only clue is that it was once reported if you factory reset a kit MeshPoint then you must also factory reset the kit’s router or it won’t connect

    Probably some encryption keys are regenerated and exchanged based on hardware ID’s and doesn’t work the same as standalone units

  • Is there still no solution to this? I have two Amplify HD kits and apparently I can't combine them or even switch components over to the other mesh network. This is kinda ridiculous considering the marketing material didn't really mention the topic either way and you'd assume that a mesh network isn't limited to 3 devices.

  • @jani-auranen I spoke AmpliFi rep today and they said the mesh points sold in a kit can not be unpaired. Be nice to just take mesh points with me on vacation.

  • @gary-rush The MeshPoints are hard coded by design and this is a feature we will not be changing.

  • It does not make sense to block the MeshPoints to a particular router, that artificial blocking little or nothing has to do with the simplicity of use, any Amplifi would have to be able to detect the MeshPoints and be able to use them even if they are not from the kit, I hope that you reflect on the matter and unlock this stupid nonsense block with a next firmware

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