Xfinity Bridge Mode and Speed Issues

  • My AmpliFi HD has been packed for a few months until I moved into my new home. I had the house wired to a central panel in an AV closet in the basement with three RJ45 jacks staggered throughout the home. In the closet is my ARRIS TG3482G modem is in bridge mode with the three CAT5E cables run to that closet. I have the cable run to my 1st floor office connected to the back of the modem and the AmpliFi HD router connected to a RJ45 jack in the office. The other modem port is connected to a switch that has a the two other data jacks connected and a Sonos Connect Amp and NAS. I have my two mesh points in the basement bar and the 2nd floor making my router centralized between the three points.

    I'm having problems with obtaining an IP address to my AmpliFi router on the 1st floor and can't figure out why. When I turn off bridge mode on the Xfinity modem it gives me an IP address, but I have two WiFi networks broadcasting (Xfinity modem and AmpliFi) and my speeds are like 150 Mbps max. Comcast has been out twice and checked over the modem. When the AmpliFi is off, the Xfinity modem gives 950Mbps. I can't figure out what I need to do to not throttle down the services I'm paying for. Any suggestions?

    Will I have to move my AmpliFi to connect directly to the back of my modem or will the RJ45 connection on the 1st floor still work? This isn't making sense to me and I'm beyond frustrated at both companies at this point.

  • First question, is the AmpliFi HD router pulling an IP address in the configuration when the Comcast box is in bridge mode? Does it list a gateway when it does? Is it the same subnet?

  • I have the same issue. Xfinity modem/router does about 980, but Amplifi can only do about 250 max, and that's in bridge mode. In DHCP mode it's more like 100.

    I've seen a lot of issues on this around the forums. Is Amplifi not able to support a gig connection?

  • @burke-holland I get full 1 gig when connected to Amplifi HD via ethernet (Amplifi is in bridge mode). Over wifi, lately it's been about 250 max whereas before 2.8.5 update it was in the mid to high 300 Mbps. I have ATT-Uverse.

  • @Dan-Blalock having the same issue. We’re you able to resolve?

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