Apple is removing Back to My Mac - Teleport to the rescue!

  • Apple will be removing Back to my Mac.
    If you are on Mac that feature obviated the need for Teleport on Mac -only environments. No more. You will need Teleport for access beyond Remote Desktop, which is an add-on product costing $79 per system.

  • This was the initial reason why I purchased the Teleport and I am so glad I did. What a great solution to a common problem for anyone who would like to have easy remote access to their data.

    Kudos to the AmpliFi team for having the courage to create this product.

  • The Remote Desktop feature isn’t gone from macOS. Apple is just discontinuing the Back to My Mac service that helped remote machines traverse the internet back to the home. Lately, this service wasn’t reliable for me anyway.

    There are other solutions that replace Back to My Mac and are more reliable. Check out Screens in the App Store for about $20. I switched to it a few months ago. It’s a solid replacement for BTMM.

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