Rectangular condo approx 1500 sqft.

  • I've been reading that the best placement for the router is roughly in the middle with the satellites on either side.
    Alas, in our condo, my internet modem is on one side (in my room) and would be impossible to bring it midpoint.
    So basically my setup would be:

    Router<--> satellite <--> satellite.

    You guys foresee connectivity problems or speed taking a hit?


  • Hey @Frank-Piccolo,

    As you said we do recommend that the router be placed in the middle of the house with the mesh points on either side; however, since this is not the case for your particular setup the next best course of action would to set it up as you said. Have the router on the far side by your modem and then just "daisy chain" the mesh points to the other side of the condo. The downside to this is that there will be some signal degradation, you can expect about a 15% degradation per mesh point hop. So the far end of your condo, away from the router, could experience some speed loss.

    For more troubleshooting options head to

    Thank you,

  • Is there a way to tell from logs if the mesh points are in hop mode?

  • Yes, when you open the Amplifi mobile app (with iOS at least) on the Systems tab you'll normally see a physical representation of your network topology with the router in the center flanked by the mesh points on either side if everything is connected as recommended.

    If you are in "daisy chain" mode with a mesh point connected to another mesh point, the router will be on the left or right of all mesh points instead of centered between them.

  • @ubnt-kevin Thanks, Kevin

  • Something to consider... based on the position of the first mesh point, you may get better performance by not having the 2nd one at all. It may be worth experimenting. I had a base station and one mesh point in my 1300 sqft condo and I had reception at the corner store beside our building, and nearly one block away in the other direction.

  • @chris-dunlop Will keep this in mind. Thanks, Chris.

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