Migrate from Amplifi to Ubiquiti Equipment over time?

  • I have been using Amplifi for some time now and I have some frustrations that I believe might tie back to it being a consumer product and I have some (potentially) more complicated needs.

    I am thinking about a migration to Ubiquiti over time, starting with an Edgerouter first. My thought is that I can introduce the Edgerouter and get thing stabilized, then begin building out the rest of the network over time.

    Currently my amplifi system is 2 router cubes (one is the primary router and the other is in bridge mode) and two mesh antennas.

    I believe that I can set up the Edgerouter as my primary network router, move both of the cubes to bridge mode and just hang them (wired) off of the Edgerouter and let them handle the wireless traffic. My questions are:

    1. In this mode, will I still have a mesh/handoff available?

    2. Is anyone running this kind of hybrid network? If so, what is your experience?

    3. Will I still be able to access the controller sw (via app) if there is no "router" in Amplifi and everything is in bridge mode?

    I know that Amplifi is hoping to have their products moved into the Ubiquiti management structure in Q4 of this year (not holding my breath) and if that actually happens it would be a great way to migrate things in the future.

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