New Amplifi HD Issues

  • I just upgraded to Amplifi HD Mesh router and two Mesh Points from a Netgear R6400. It's only been running for about an hour and I'm already ready to return it.

    1. Device cannot be configured via the Web App

    • You can only configure via the smart phone app. I have over 70 Static IP's to setup and I can't cut&paste from a spreadsheet to make things easier. You have to type everything on the small smart phone keyboard.
    • I found this feature was requested over a year ago, but still has not been implemented.

    2. Can't specify the Routers local IP

    • It defaults to ...1 and the whole IP is based on the DHCP range. What do I do if I want it to be ...254?

    3. USB port does not work

    • Old router let me plug my USB Hard drive so I can backup my PC's via the network.
    • This feature has been requested many times, but it is still not available.

    4. Can specify public DNS servers for DHCP, but the 3rd DNS is from the ISP

    • I'm forced to use my ISP's slow DNS servers.

    5. Additional SSID adds 2g or 5g at the end

    • My old WiFi SSID's were named "WIFINAME 2.4Ghz" and "WIFINAME 5Ghz". When I setup the Amplifi HD router I set the SSID to "WIFINAME". I have Smart switches and Amazon Dots in every room using the SSID "WIFINAME 2.4Ghz". It is going to take awhile to to configure them to the new SSID so I tried using the Additional SSID setting but it alters the name I put in to "WIFINAME 2.4Ghz-2g".
    • It also uses the same password as the main SSID.

    6. Guest WiFi has no configuration options

    • Can't change the subnet. It uses the same subnet as the private network
    • Cant specify public DNS servers. I prefer to use OpenDNS Family DNS servers for my Guest Network.'
    • It is not clear if the Guest network is isolated from the Private network.

    7. The range of my WiFi increased but the speeds did not improve

    • I can now get WiFi throughout my whole house and yard now, but speeds have not improved. On the old router I could get the whole house, but only half the yard.
    • My ISP advertised speeds are 100/10 (Spectrum). Wired on the new and old router hovers around 85Mbps. WiFi on the old and new router hovers around 25Mbps.

    I'm hoping that I am just missing something and somebody will let me know how to accomplish what I want to do. The Amplifi HD Kit was over $300. That is way too expensive for a router that only has about 1/4 of the features other branded routers have. I know this is probably unrealistic, but if at least items 1 and 3 can be resolved within a few days I'm going to pack it up, return it for a refund, and leave bad reviews wherever I can.

  • @rich-n UBIQUITI...

    It appears you need enterprise. You’ve stepped outside of this products current boundaries.

    I just switched from Ubiquiti to amplifi. 110% you can achieve everything you want...

    Good luck...


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