UPnP Bandwidth Monitor Failing

  • I use a Mac app called Peak Hour to monitor Internet bandwith usage in realtime on my Mac. It can communicate with the router to get bandwidth usage with either SNMP or UPnP, and I know it's using UPnP with the Amplifi router, because it can't connect if I disable UPnP. But after the Amplifi has been running for a few days, it no longer gets any downstream bandwidth usage, and after a few days more it can't get upstream either. This suggests to me that some counter is filling up and can no longer increment, since I use more downstream bandwidth than upstream. Just disabling and then re-enabling UPnP doesn't fix it; I have to reboot the Amplifi router.

  • I installed a program to query the UPnP variables directly, and bytes received is maxing out at 4294967295, which is 2^32-1. AmpliFi have used a 32-bit signed integer for bytes received (and also bytes sent, and presumably packets received and sent), which is a clear error.

  • @mike-scott I meant 32-bit unsigned integer, of course.

  • Just bumped into this while trying to monitor home data usage via UPnP. As is, this is basically unusable metric since 2^32 kbytes, i.e. 4 gigabytes, can be consumed in just few hours e.g. when streaming video. So, after one Netflix movie, I'd need to restart the router to be able to monitor the cumulative data transfer. It's a clearly a bug, and does not yield very good user experience.

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