Can not login with Google

  • I can not login to the web controller with Google. As soon as I hit "Login", it says failed, without actually trying to do anything.

    I am logged in to both this forum and via the app with Google with no problem however.

  • Interestingly this works fine on my iPhone. However with both my macbook and chromebook, the login button is dead. Perhaps this is a Chrome problem?

  • @Cash-Williams not a Chrome problem. Just tried Firefox and Opera, same issue, failed login.
    As a matter of fact, I haven't been able to login even once, ever.

  • I just left a chat with Martin from Amplifi support. He tried on his end and got the exact same issue. He said he would send it to the development team and email me with the findings and resolution.


    As soon as I get anything from them, I'll post it here.!

  • @Jose-Valenzuela Test now, it should be fixed. Thank you for reporting

  • Thanks, but it is not working yet:


    I am using the same Google account I use for my login to the Android app.

  • @Jose-Valenzuela Can you verify that the "Personal Info" section of your google account is not blank? I have seen this cause verification issues before.

  • This is my main account, so it has all my personal information:

    I do use 2 step verification (anyone that doesn't is out of their mind!).

    Google can see I use my account to log in to the app:

    However, since this is a direct connect to my account, 2 step ver should have nothing to do with this.

    Contrary to @Cash-Williams issue, I do see the window pop up, request the correct Google account, and it seems to be working, just to land on the "login failed" message again.

    Also, it does not work from my phone either, regardless of the browser. Doesn't work in my Pixel Slate or my Win10 Alienware either.

    Keep sending me things to try, I'm only too happy to try different things and help the community.

    Thank you.

  • Also, it's funny that you allow FB and G+ accounts to log in to the controller, but no option for Amplifi accounts.

  • Guess what.

    I just restarted my computer, tried again on Chrome and FF, but no luck.

    Tried again on Opera GX, and it is finally loading.

  • It's been stuck in "fetching data" since my last post:
    So, no luck there either.

    Well, at least now we know it does log in from Google account over Opera.

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