Amplify router only as accesspoint

  • I want to buy the Amplify HD router only.
    I want to place it in my bedroom where I have a very bad wifi connection. And I would like to use only its wifi functions to enhance my wifi network. It's connected as follows:
    ISP modem/router (bridge mode) -> Netgear Nighthawk -> Netgear Switch -> Amplify router
    To my understanding this should work when I place the Amplify in bridge mode. But do I need to disable the wifi from my Nighthawk to use the wifi from Amplify? Because the wifi signal is to weak picked up from the Nighthawk.

  • Yes, you can set its up that way. If your nighthawk and Amplifi are both using the same SSID they will fight and never handoff. I would recommend turning the WiFi off on the nighthawk.

  • Thank you for the question @alex-hendriks. We also have the Standalone Mesh Point HD (AFI-P-HD) available that can be wirelessly paired to your Netgear Nightwalk for extra help if needed! Very easy setup and management through our smartphone app. Feel free to reach out to me with additional questions and I will happily assist you further.

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