Third Party and Stand alone Mesh Points

  • Hi, I recently bought 3 stand alone Mesh points for my existing Netgear Nighthawk.
    The way they are setup inside my house is that the router exists in the far upstairs bedroom and the mesh points are evenly spaced until it reaches the opposite corner of the house. All mesh points claim good connection @ >65% but I find the speed drops off dramatically as you reach the other end of the house.
    In the room with the Nighthawk I get 190/12 and at the far end of the house it drops off to ~30/12

    Is this a side effect of using a third party router and perhaps the system isn't working as seamlessly as it should?

    I've considered buying the Amplifi stand-alone router, but it would be an expensive thing to get if it will have no noticeable impact on performance.

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