Latest Update - Garage Door Opener is STILL Broken

  • @daniel-james-white Our band steering is more careful than you describe. It never attempts steering 2.4 GHz only device. Actually steering mechanism is triggered only when we actually observe device signal in 5 GHz band.

    The original issue with Chamberlain My-Q device is already resolved by latest firmware update - 2.6.1.

  • @daniel-james-white I have the Chamerblain MyQ and have AmpliFi band steering turned on and it works perfectly. No issues at all. If you find my lengthy post in the Introductions forums, I detail 30+ devices I have on my network and there is not one single issue with band steering.

    AmpliFi > Asus

  • @Dmitrijs-Ivanovs that's good to know! Looking forward to mine arriving tomorrow. I was interested in one a while back but they weren't available in the UK yet. Looking forward to the Teleport being available over here too!

    @David-Miller, I saw your excellent post but must have glazed the garage door opener! I've not got quite as many devices but I'm getting there!

    Sounds like I should have a fairly smooth ride over from the AC3200!

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