Streaming TV

  • I use DirectTV Now for streaming TV and I have an odd issue. Whenever I try to stream using my Mac and Safari on the AMPLIFI wireless at home it gives me an error that it can’t play the content at this time. However, if I go to the office and try to stream, it works every time. There is an Apple airport at the office. Has anyone else seen this issue? I am doing some testing to narrow it down but so far it works on any other WiFi but AMPLIFI.

  • Well so far it is consistent. I can stream DirecTV Now on any other Wifi I connect to EXCEPT the Amplifi HD at home. It is specific to the Safari browser on the Mac. I can also stream from anywhere using Chrome - which I don't like - but that's life.

  • @hanz-shcaerp Just to be clear, streaming at home will work on Chrome but not on Safari. So the issue is DirecTV content on AmpliFi using Safari.

    Can you please attempt to stream, and after getting the failure generate a copy of the support files so its the more recent data and send them in for analysis? Reference this community post and Brett in the email if you could please.

  • @ubnt-brett That is correct! I will create the support file when I'm home next.

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