Amplifi Mesh Router as an access point using third party router and powerline

  • Hi Everyone,

    from what i can tell the answer will be a yes but I need a confirmation before a pull the trigger.

    Can the mesh router be used as a pure access point when connected to a netgear router and tp link powerline device?

    I'll be upgrading the router to amplifi in the future but at the moment it's just my access point that's dying...

    Also the 4 ports at the back, just a normal wan switch right?

    thanks in advance

  • You can switch the router into bridge mode to accomplish what you want to do. It's a setting in the Amplifi app. I haven't done this (bridged two routers over the TP Link PowerLine) specifically with the Amplifi router, but I have with two Apple Airport Extremes (which were replaced by the Amplifi router and mesh points). FWIW, I wouldn't expect any issues with the Amplifi router, but your mileage may vary.

    I've been able to reduce my reliance on the TP Link PowerLine devices since moving to the Amplifi router and mesh points. I'm now down to just an Xbox One connected via the PowerLine. My son complained of latency. After diagnosing, we found the Xbox connecting to a mesh point in the FROG that runs 2.4 GHz only and happens to be very far away from the router plus has lots of walls at odd angles from the router.

    We could have set up a separate Wi-Fi network specifically to steer the Xbox to the router, but it was easiest, at the time, to wire it directly to the router via the PowerLine. Was something he could do. We should probably create the separate Wi-Fi network for the Xbox and a few other devices that seem to like occasionally connecting to the furthest access point.

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