Router powers down when using 220V

  • I tested the setup at home using 110V, all worked fine, but I am now traveling and using 220V.
    The router boots, shows the time, and then powers off.
    If I cycle power the same happens.

    If I power the router from a high power quick charge capable charger with a USB-C cable it works fine.

    Seems to me the PSU does not work correctly with 220V 50Hz power?

    Any other ideas?

  • So I was way wrong on the power cause.
    If I plug the router in while WAN plugged into the 4G wifi router LAN port, it boots, chimes, dies.
    If I only plug in power, no problem.
    This is where I thought I was testing a different power supply, and I was only testing without WAN connected.
    If I power on, wait for chine, then plug WAN into 4G LAN port, ok.

    So it seems the problem has something to do with WAN being plugged in on boot?

  • @pieter-viljoen Hello! Our AmpliFi units are very specific with the power that they need to perform properly. I would recommend using a traveling power adapter kit to ensure that AmpliFi is always using the appropriate designated amount of power. If issues persist, please feel free to reach out to our support channels HERE:

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Not a power problem, my initial diagnosis was wrong.

    Looks more like a firmware problem.
    Boot with WAN connected to LAN, unit powers down by itself.
    Boot with WAN disconnected, wait for boot to complete, connect WAN to LAN, ok.

  • @Pieter-Viljoen I will be messaging you some additional troubleshooting directly. Thank you.

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