Software Teleport

  • When can I install the Teleport Android app? or other OS client?

    I'd pay for that. 🙂

  • this!!!

    why waste time money and effort developing a hardware solution when we already carry a more versatile thing that can do everything and more: our smartphone!
    it has a 4G modem, WiFi AP, battery... etc... you can use a powerbank... all we really need is a software VPN to our Amplifi!

    "...but it don't have the ethernet port..." who cares? we're not going to use that on the go anyway...

    i'd also pay for the app, although it would be a nice bonus to Amplifi customers if it was included on the Amplifi App, that would be a major selling argument!

    think about this... even if it doesn't encrypt your home traffic, in a time where you have a ton of rents, netflix, spotify, and... VPN, paying once for a Router that can save you money on a VPN when you're abroad would be gold!

  • @andrew-kraut We currently do not have plans to create a Teleport specific application for Android or other operating systems. Our main goal is to keep all AmpliFi products coexisting in the same application. Great question though!

  • @ubnt-jack what about enhancing the current app to add teleport functionality, or a way to map it in the native VPN support?

  • Thank you for making this happen! I am personally loving it and telling others to buy Amplifi!

    Maybe the next step would be a desktop app?!

  • Yes please make a Windows desktop version of the Teleport app soon.

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