Pause function dont work

  • Hi.
    I have try to set up family funcktion so that my kids Sonos and TV with netflix run under one profile.
    This is because i want to limit the use.
    But when i pause nothing happens. They keeps wacthing netflix and the music keeps running.

    am i doing something wrong.
    i have try to just pres pause, but nothing happens? the router gives out a BEEP, and the controller tels me its in pause mode, but.. dont work.

  • These applications/systems do a lot of caching. So they take a little time before the cache is empty and new data is needed.
    Other thing is that you need to make sure that both the wired and wireless connections are added to the profile.
    And finally some kids make a hotspot from their phone using 4g 😊 or use the neighbours WiFi.

  • Hello @Martin-Lindeblad-Jørgensen. @Kees-de-Waard is correct. Whatever "streamable" content has already been loaded, will continue to play up to it's current cached spot.

    If you are concerned that there is an issue with your pause features, basic troubleshooting for this issue would be as follows: (if not already performed)

    1.) Refresh your AmpliFi smartphone app. ("Kill" the app and reopen the app.)

    • If this does not work, continue to step 2.

    2.) Uninstall the AmpliFi smartphone app from your phone and reinstall. Ensure that you are on our latest app build. (Check for updates in your app store.)

    • If this does not work, continue to step 3.

    3.) Perform a factory reset on your AmpliFi unit and re-setup following these instructions HERE:

    If the above steps do not work, please reach out to our support team HERE:

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