Family panel trouble

  • I think there is an issue with something in the Family panel that’s not right. One device I was monitoring while listening to a streaming podcast on an older iphone4 the indicator for up and down speed was stuck on 0/0. I watched this for several minutes and nothing changed. Then I paused the stream for a. Few minutes and restarted it with no change in the status. I restarted 5he app with the same result. Only this device was having a problem. While I was listening to my podcast the speed indicator showed 0/0. I then paused the stream again for a number of minutes nothing changed I was still able to hear my audio while the device stream was on pause for quite awhile. I also noticed a slowdown in download speeds last night averaging 10-15 mbits. While the regular download speeds from the isp ranges from 110 to 140 mbits. This was noticeable for about 20 min. Not sure what’s up with these but my AMPLIFI HD is up to date with firmware 2.4.

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