Airplane mode and EU power connector

  • I would like a feature to completely disable the Wifi waves during the night. A bit like the airplane mode of mobile phones. Would a change in the firmware allow such a request ?
    I noticed a problem with MeshPoint. The electrical outlet does not comply with European regulations. In France, the ground bar is located at the top of the two phase connectors. This forces the Meshpoint to have its antennas in the wrong way and the head down...

  • @marc-henri-pamiseux - Open the Amplifi app on your smartphone, choose Family and you'll find the option to pause the Internet on all devices. I'm assuming this pauses Ethernet as well though.

  • @david-simpson Indeed this feature disables internet access but does not disable the Wifi. I was able to check it with an Airview EXT spectral analysis. As the Amplifi App uses it, how could we restore it? It would need a function that can enable / disable the Wifi directly from the frame of the router. Likewise, this feature could be triggered automatically at a given date and time. For example every day between 21:00 and 07:00.

  • @marc-henri-pamiseux said in Airplane mode and EU power connector:

    ctors. This forces the Meshpoint to have its antennas in

    They have produced a new iteration of the mesh antenna power plug without ground. Unfortunately not a type C (Europlug) as I mentioned a year ago... You can contact the support and they send you some replacement power plugs without ground, which should fix your "upside down" problem.

    Oh, and for the main router there is a type C (Europlug) version available.


  • @marc-henri-pamiseux, this is an interesting idea but it falls short with mobile phones that will then start using 3G/4G data and for the most of us means it is not limited.

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