Safe to update firmware

  • I am running 2.4.3 firmware and was wondering if its worth updating to the the new 2.7.1. I had extreme bad experience last time with slow network and wifi dropping constant, hence the reason I downgraded to 2.4.3 which is very stable. I still read on the forum new posts of people having the same problem with the new firmware. Like others I was told from Amplifi support that slow speeds like 40mbps was expected, but obviously not when Im getting speed of 200mbps on V2.4.3. But also if I dont update so you miss out on all the tweaks and improvements that come with it. Is the new firmware as stable??

  • After reading comments from V2.8.5 release I take it´s not safe. Seems like the wifi drop and speed drops are still there.

  • Hello @Neil-Chaplin Thank you for asking your question! We have a few people addressing concerns with the newest FW release but we have many more reporting great success with the newest FW release. I would recommend upgrading and experience what 2.8.5 has to offer.

    "If" you are experiencing issues after updating please reach out to our support teams HERE: and we will gladly assist you in troubleshooting.

  • Not for me it wasn't. Never had any issues with my network on Amplifi but sadly 2.8.5 introduced them from teh minute I updated and I'm now troubleshooting

  • @joe-johal may have to revert back to 2.7.1

  • Hi Neil. I for one have updated to each new release without issue. Latest release for me is working well. 👍

  • For me, this was (yet another) Ubnt disaster. WiFi drops, slower speeds. Worse, to back out of it, I was sent instructions that were incomplete and wrong in places. I'm getting to the point where I feel that this system, especially Teleport, is a Yugo supported by Comcast.

  • Thanks for the comments and replies. It seems that the wifi speed drops are still around. The troubleshooting that comes with it is a serious pain. Plus when I had wifi issues talking to Amplifi support and being told that 40mbps was normal and to be expected, I could of kept my old ASUS router if I wanted them speeds. My Amplifi runs fine on 2.4.3 not quite sure if im ready for the headache of updating

  • I haven't had any issues some people, who have drops are not accounting for external factors, such as ISP synchronisation speed, interference and the device rebooting which changes connections to devices some of which can be fixed with a factory reset.

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