Firmware V2.8.5 Released

  • Do we need to enable bridge mode to see the benefits? I’m currenyly configured in dhcp mode and since installing the update have noticed a big drop in speeds when connected to a mesh point.

  • I upgraded to 2.8.5 earlier this morning and all appeared well, that is until a Samsung Chromebook arrived this afternoon. This device has extremely unstable wifi experience (resolving DNS issues, speedtest's failing, very slow upload/download speeds, etc).

    I have turned on/off all user options, rebooted ARI-R, rebooted chromebook, change 5ghz channel bandwidth, changed which Amplifi I was connected to and none of this had any positive impact. I also switched to Chrome OS Beta channel. No positive impact.

    I believe I have verified the hardware in Chromebook is not defective by testing it using my hotspot and also a separate network that uses non-Amplifi hardware. On hotspot and separate network, the wifi experience is OK.

    Lastly, I connected this Chromebook to my Amplifi guest network. I cannot explain this yet but my wifi experience is much better. I'm not prepared to say it is great, but it is noticeably better. I have not yet submitted a ticket for this but will soon. Posting here for awareness.

  • @daniel-bertolone-0 Seeing a big speed drop when connected using ethernet too.

  • I have been experiencing a significant drop in speed after updating the firmware. Went from 300 Mbps to 70 Mbps. I have two Amplifi HD routers connected via an ethernet backbone.

  • Also noticing big speed drop after update.

  • No speed drop here. We pay for 100mps from cox and just pulled 108 down and 11 up. No difference in speed. Sorry to hear from users about slower speeds.

  • @trent-harris have you preformed a driver update on your Chromebook?
    Since my old Toshiba laptop with Intel WiFi chip seems to work perfectly no specific speed issues it might have to do with the WiFi chip.

  • I too have experienced a pretty significant drop in wireless speeds. I went from getting 110ish-190ish mbps to being in the mid 20’s-mid 30’s.

  • @edward-dolezal No, as you cannot update a specific drive on a Chromebook. I did switch between stable and beta and made sure both were updated however.

    While it could be a wifi chip issue, I'm leaning more to Amplifi code given that it works OK on guest network. I know guest network is a separate VLAN than normal SSID and possibly a different security protocol (WPA, WPA-2, Enterprise, etc) but why this is making a difference, I have no idea. Besides VLAN and security protocol differences, I'm not versed well enough to say.

  • @trent-harris After I typed the above, I realized I did not try to change wireless security on main SSID so I just tried this approach. You only have a choice between WPA and WPA2 on main SSID and I was set to WPA2. I changed to WPA from WPA2 and there was no improvement.

  • @trent-harris might just be a compatiblity issue considering that the amplfi firmware is not yet mature. I'm personally having issues with my Lumia 950xl not connecting straight to 5ghz but instead connecting at 2.4 till I disable and re enable WiFi on the device, and a semi similar issue with my galaxy tab S2.

  • After the update my Nest camera's are dropping off the network constantly. I have not seen it this bad since one of the early 2.8 beta's when I moved them from 5Ghz to 2Ghz.

  • i am sorry but where are the features in the webinterface described? i can not find any documentation to the browser based options and their streategy.

  • @jens-p-klasen Navigate to http://Amplifi.lan to access the WebUI settings

  • @mark-roberts No issue with Nest cams here. UK cams only work on 2.4GHz but they're working fine on v2.8.5.

  • @jens-p-klasen

    6 months of hassle free performance since I first purchased Amplifi but since 2.8.5 my NEST cams keep dropping and other devices are either slow or disconnect. Have tried changing channels and have now tried enabling MSDU to see if that helps.

    By the way, I also saw settings for 802.11k neighbour report and 802.11v BSS Transition Report that were unticked. Will these help and is there any harm in enabling them?


  • So far I've only had one drop of all devices. Seems like this firmware has some issues.

  • @joe-johal enable it and see what happens,I have them enabled with no issues at all.

  • @ubnt-brett I just returned from vacation and updated the firmware. Having major download speed issues now. I was getting 400-450 download speeds on my iPhone 7plus prior to update, now I can barely get 125 standing 2 feet away from router. Upload is higher at 250 - 300. iPhone X in the apt experiencing the same result. LAN is 900, so no issues with provider.

  • @Mark-Roberts No problems with Netatmo Presence cams with the 2.8.5 - never been better. Before the update they had a lot of problems.

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