Firmware V2.8.5 Released

  • @mike-gregory contact support, they will send you the files.

  • They just send a link to the 2.7.1 FW right? Whomever has received the link, just post it.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs
    With new firmware I can select 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165, 169.
    I discovered those new channels because I selected Auto mode for 5GHz and it selected 161 and none of my devices were able to connect to the 5GHz SSID.

  • Interesting. Mine are on 44, 149 and 153 but I have it set to 40mhz. I can only see the main meshrouter in the app. How would I chose a channel for the mesh routers?

    I used the wifiman app to see what's being used.

  • Everything seems normal after updated to the latest firmware until today I noticed I having trouble trying to access my ecobee thermostat on my phone, it keeps showing cannot connect to the thermostat but on the router it shows the ecobee is connected, after few tries it finally show up, but would quickly goes off. That's only problem I'm facing, other than that all my other devices are running fine, no speed issues.

  • @marc-wallis The oft requested backup of configuration feature clearly would have helped here 🙂

  • So far so good. iperf numbers haven't changed. Speedtest is a bit hit and miss, particularly ethernet. I top out at 700-800Mbps best case, where I was getting 940 before this firmware. Will keep an eye on it in case there's something else afoot.

  • @tim-letteer did you go back to 2.7.1?

  • Going from 2.8.0rc6 to 2.8.5 has re-introduced the Apple handoff issues again. When I walk around the house and change between meshpoint <-> router <-> meshpoint, my iphone/iPad drop internet connection even though it says it has full connection to wireless mesh. Once I do the typical wireless toggle on those devices, they regain internet connection.

    Also, my Nest Hello will intermittently drop connection. It will, however, recover connection after about 5-10 seconds.

    I have also noticed that it feels like I’m having “bandwidth throttling” issues on my wireless devices. I’m not reaching anywhere near my ISP aloted speed/bandwidth but when I have multiple devices streaming, things start buffering / dropping connection / very slow speeds (I.e - using iPad, streaming YouTube TV on two Roku’s, and wife using laptop for work). When I limit it to just a few, everything is fine.

    The 2.8.0rc6 firmware, in my mind, was a lot more stable and didn’t have these issues that I could tell.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @rob-king have you enabled hardware acceleration at all, I'm just wondering if it's enabled many it might help, or if it's on try to turn it off, I'm guessing that it may just be missing something that was added in the beta, hence the performance difference.

  • we mainly experience the problems with Apple Mac and Apple X.
    Sometimes the Mac indicates that the '' server '' is not available. This also interrupts a longer online connection with an external server on the Apple telephone. Wifi is still there but the connection is broken. Turning Wi-Fi off and on again on the phone works again, ...
    We have this both with a modem in bridge. Also with a router firewall. Also tried in bridge form and in router mode (NAT Off)
    Both or only with the Amplifi. There are more connection problems with Apple than Android.
    At the moment it runs reasonably with a Fortinet Firewall (router 192.168.0.xx) wired connection, Amplifi Router mode, (192.168.1.xx) wireless connection.
    Became less stable in bridge mode and router mode.
    Maybe there is still something to do around switching on and off the Firewall?

    Tip; For a thermostat / Nest or other fixed wifi device I would create a 2nd SSID in the Amplifi. Then you can also give priority to the 2.4 or 5Ghz.

  • @jaco-hage Hi Jaco
    I have experienced similar problems. I have switched off 802.11r and A-MSDU and it seems to be working much better. I am currently also in bridge mode. I see very slow upload throughput to cloud services if I switch to router mode. One thing that really caused issues for my Apple devices was router steering I have also switch that off and now have smooth handoffs with roaming. Hope that helps!


  • @edward-dolezal

    Hardware Acceleration wouldn’t help with my wireless devices, hence “hardware” - wired connection.

    But yes, I do have it enabled with both of my home servers connected and they do not experience any of the performance loss.

    This seems to stem back to the infamous Apple product issues that have plagued Amplifi for years.


    Also, let me caveat all of this with the fact that I’ve been running ios12 beta on my apple products

  • @rob-king I've always been under the impression that once you had Apple you need the whole ecosystem including thier router, I suppose that I haven't seen any issue with my amplfi hd kit and the apple devices of freinds and family, mabye I just haven't had them connected for long enough.

    Question do you leave the amplfi unit on at night or on for log periods of time, if so try rebooting it or powering it off at night, had a bug on my Asus router that was fixed by a reboot once a day.

    Also LR or HD kit?

  • So we upgraded our internet to 300mps from 100 and Ethernet performance is good anywhere from 250-308 but wireless is like around 60 or so. I have hardware nat turned on. Should my wireless performance be that bad?

  • @david-gotelli depends on the device, your using some people are using non AC capable devices and complain about speeds are you using Mesh points or directly connected to the router and the LR or the HD kit, the HD is faster.

  • @edward-dolezal My pixel 2 XL was on the 5g band on our downstairs mesh point. I'm in my living room and I just pulled 109mps down and 30 up. Just was wondering if wireless would go past 100. Ethernet sure does lol. Just was hoping to get close to the 300 on wireless.

  • @david-gotelli I understand what you mean, part of the speed I noticed is limited by the capabilities of the devices you are using, I have a phone that is only on the 2.4ghz band and the Max I can get on it is 40mbps on down load even though I can get 95+ on wired with my vdsl2 connection.

  • @david-gotelli : I have an iPhoneX and my Amplifi router is on the 2.7.1 version. My phone telling me my wireless download speed is 450Mbit/sec (and the upload is 200). Of course the phone is next to the router when I did this speedtest.
    I have a 1GB/200Mbit line, so past 100 seems possible...

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