Firmware V2.8.5 Released

  • @james-earl-ford is your router in bridge mode by chance?

  • I recommend that the company reach out to users of Firmware V2.8.5 with a survey (or forum post) that collects the following at a minimum:

    Upload/Download speeds possible from their ISP connection
    Best speed test results upload/download and type of device testing it
    Modem Mfg and Model
    Any other issues such as device connection problems.

    From reading the forum posts, I don't have a feeling about how prevalent the problems are. For me everything is normal. I pay for 100 mbits down/ 9 up and get about 117 down and 9 up and all connections (cameras, smoke detectors, door bell, ooma telo, sprinkler timer) are solid. However, the number of people concerned about upgrading and number of people downgrading is bound to scaring people.

  • So i just upgraded to the new firmware. Prior release I was getting 370 mbps next to router on 5 ghz channel. Now im only getting 35-50 mbps from the same area. Verified 5 ghz channel set to 80 mhz after upgrade. Usually have better results with firmware upgrades.

  • Just noticed something interesting. I have 3 Amplifi HDs (2 as mesh points). I have an AppleTV 4 connected over ethernet to one of the mesh points. When I run SpeedTest from the Apple TV, I get approx 350 Mbps down and 370 Mbps up. When I run SpeedTest from my iPhone 8 connected via wifi (5 ghz) to either the primary HD router or to the same mesh point that the AppleTV is connected to, I get around 120 Mbps down and 140 Mbps up (mesh point and iPhone are physically in the same location). Router is in bridge mode, all Amplifi devices are on 2.8.5 firmware. Prior to 2.8.5, wifi connections were in the >350Mbps from the same iPhone.

    Does this mean that mesh point to router wifi performance (I don't have ethernet backhaul) is better than client to router?

  • @ubnt-brett No, and I do not have any mesh points.

  • I've just run 2 speed tests:

    1. over my amplify network ( max at 45Mbps down)
    2. directly connected (cable) to my ISP Modem (95Mbps down)

    I then reboot my Amplifi and I'm back to 95Mbps. I'll monitor and see if it degrades over time...

  • @jason-gray-0
    3 days later and still stable at 94Mbps

  • New UPDATE 2.8.9 \O/

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