Centurylink 1G Fiber Amplifi HD VLAN tagging or bridge mode?

  • Hi all, I have Centurylink fiber service and prior to today I had 100 mbps down and 50 up and I am plugged from my ONT into my Amplifi via Cat 6 and VLAN tagging is on. Now that I have "Gigabit" speed.. should i switch and use bridge mode with their gateway? Or should my current setup be able to handle the new speed? I just have the Amplifi HD unit and no mesh points as my house does not need them. Thanks

  • Use Bridging mode if you want to just keep your CL modem and just have the Amplifi unit act as a Access Point. If you want the Amplifi unit to handle routing and wireless do the following.

    If you do NOT have Prism TV you'll just need to get your PPPoE settings from CL, then using the app configure your router to PPPoE w/ user details etc then enable VLAN with ID of 201. After that point you'll need to reboot your ONT then your Amplifi. Once the Amplifi is up use the LCD to confirm you've received a IP address you should be set.

    I have Prism TV so I only need to do DHCP but have to set the VLAN to 201. Just tested this out last night and works just fine.

  • I have centurylink 100mb fiber. I have the cl set to transparent bridge and let the amplifi hd handle my routing. My question is do i need to set it to vlan? the modem is c1900a and it uses dual bonded vdsl2. I just want to be make sure i have my amplifi set up for the best speeds. I seem to get about 30mb down on the wireless (app). Testing googlefiber.net I get 99.1/9.9; speedtest.net 17.09/10.7 and internet speedtest 56.9/8.5.

    Does ipv6 benefit me? how to set up? tried the vlan and 201 and get (no ip address).

  • I'm encouraged to hear that you were able to get AmpliFi working with CenturyLink Fiber. I just got an AmpliFi kit and am hoping to disable (bridge) or even better remove the C2100T.

    The current CL router config:

    Broadband settings:

    • Wan Tpe: Auto (Wan Ethernet port 5)
    • Transport Mode: Auto (Tagged - VLAN-201)
    • VLAN Parameters (Vlan ID 201)
    • MTU 1500

    WAN Settings :

    • Auto Select (Protocol Selected: IPoE)

    I suppose the other option is simply to disable the built in Wireless and create a new subnet on the CL device and run the AmpliFi gear that way...

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