AmpliFi HD and Apple 4K TV Question

  • My current router (Netgear Nighthawk r9000) and Apple 4k TV do not play nice together when connected via ethernet. Apparently the ATV sends a ridiculous amount of DHCP requests which eventually kill all of the ethernet connections. If I connect via WiFi this goes away, but then I end up with quality issues when streaming media.

    So does the Amplifier HD mesh router work well when wired to an Apple TV? A lot of people on the Netgear forums are recommending switching to Ubiquiti products, and I want to make sure I'm not trading one problem for another.

  • I've been using Apple TV 4K with the Amplifi router and the mesh points without any issues. I am able to stream 4K movies to my 4K TV, which sits upstairs, away from my router (which is downstairs), just fine. I get full 4K picture. My incoming bandwidth runs 100-120 Mbps and I regularly get those speeds on the router and nearest mesh point when testing with the Speedtest app. The Apple TV typically connects to the mesh point nearest the router. I do have one mesh point in a FROG that's running 2.4 GHz only due to distance from the router.

    We're heavy streamers with two teens in the house. It is not uncommon for us to have three streams (mostly HD, but some 4K) going at once. Or two streams and Xbox online gaming.

    No big problems with Amplifi outside devices occasionally connecting to the wrong Wi-Fi access device (a mesh point instead of the router, which the device might be closer to). I have a wireless printer that occasionally likes to connect to a mesh point in the hall upstairs rather than the router it sits less than 10 feet from. It's also happened, although less frequently, with a few other devices (2012 Macbook Pro, Surface Pro, iPhones). Pretty easy to check and correct, once you know how (go into the device properties in Amplifi app to check which Wi-Fi point device connected with, temporarily pause the mesh point to get the device to connect to a better Wi-Fi point). Amplifi support has also suggested setting up alternate named networks to help with that too (e.g. printer should only connect to router). Outside of the steering problem, virtually every speed issue I've bumped into since moving to Amplifi in January 2018 has been with my internet provider, not Amplifi.

    And I'll add that I sit in a neighborhood with lots of other routers broadcasting. Some of them on overlapping channels. 2.4 GHz is pretty congested. 5 GHz is less so. 5 GHz is obviously less popular and I suppose the shorter reach helps too.

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