Slow WiFi on Spectrum Gigabit

  • @Derek-Saville,

    How would I find that information out? I know that a gigabit cable is attached to it and my router has confirmed it being a gigabit connection in the past.

  • Hi @bryce-verdier - in the app, on the Family tab, touch on the client device name and then select 'Client Details'.
    This will show what Tx and Rx link rates the access point has negotiated with the client, which will be your theoretical maximum WiFi speed in your environment at that moment.
    Note that the rates may change as the client device makes adjustments, such as coming out of a power saving mode, or other clients
    start contending for bandwidth.

    If you can do a transfer between a local LAN device and your WiFi client it would also be interesting to know if you are obtaining higher throughput locally than you are going to the WAN internet side.

  • @Derek-Saville,

    I've been doing some testing over the last couple of days. The laptop I was testing with had a tx & rx link in the 1.3Gb range. What seemed to really matter was if the laptop was connecting to the base station (got about 500MB/s connected there) or one of the mesh antennas, that seemed to be where the connection speed dropped drastically. Both have "excellent" wifi ratings. The weaker of the two is about 74-78%, the other is consistently in the 90's.

    I'm not sure if this help, but I'm happy to share it.

  • Hey guys... I just updated to spectrum gigabit as well. Wired directly to the new modern I am seeing 900mbps or so. Through wifi and an Amplifi HD, I'm seeing about 450mps with a 90% wifi signal.

    So, not as bad as some of you guys but still not up to expectations. Any suggestions?

  • Ugh. If I connect to a mesh unit I only get 100mbps.

    Has anyone got this licked or does Amplifi just not work with spectrum gigabit?

  • We just switched over to a AmpliFi HD router after 9 months of issues with our Netgear Nighthawk R9000. I was really hoping that this was going to solve our Spectrum Gigabit issues, particularly the daily drops of wired ethernet connections. So far so good, but I'm disappointed to see the big speed differences between wired and wireless connection. Running Speedtest while connected via ethernet gets us 921 down and 40 up, while the best I can do with a wireless connections is 150 down.

  • @robert-rupp-kilgore Are you running the AmpliFi in bridge mode? Have you checked for interference and tried changing the channels your AmpliFi is broadcasting on?

  • @robert-rupp-kilgore We are currently investigating an issue in regards to the ISP you are using, but you say your hardwired download speeds are consistently in the ~900's its only your wireless speeds that are being effected?
    How many hardwired devices do you currently have connected?
    Can you share your support files with me by generating support info in the app and mentioning this community post when you email them in?

  • My wired and connection and wireless couldn't get more than 150 Mbps down and about 12 up. I tried everything possible to get it to work. I literally spent days of time on it and asked high level IT professionals for assistance. Finally, I replaced the Amplifi with a Netgear R9000 (which was painful because I just spent over $300 on the system around 6 months ago and even bought one for my parents). The R9000 works so much better. 900 Mbps down 40 Mbps up at the router. 450 Mbps down 35 Mbps up wireless. Latency, dropped connections and steaming issues disappeared. I unplugged the R9000 and plugged back in the Amplfi which resulted in the previous horrible connections. I plugged back in the R9000 and everything worked great. I even plugged the two routers in with two different SSIDs and channels and switched back and forth. Same results. The R9000 doesn't have the range, but it does have the connections I need. And yes, I tried different firmware, settings, different cable modems and had Spectrum spend three hours at my home rewiring everything and testing. This was a painful and very expensive experience. If there is a fix, I would love to hear about it. Right now, I won't even give away my Amplifi to a friend.

  • Hi @matt-jancovic - does the AmpliFi perform differently (much higher speeds) if it is in bridge mode behind the R9000?

  • @derek-saville I ran ten tests with and ten without bridge mode. The results were the same.

  • @derek-saville I had some more time to adjust settings. With band steering off and adjustments to channels, there is an improvement. Download is still much slower than the R9000, but upload is roughly equivalent. I will work on it more today.

  • I know everyone here is talking about/using Spectrum's Gb service but I can tell you that I have the same issues (even with ethernet wired connections) through my AmpliFi HD Gamer's Ed. on my 300Mb Spectrum service.
    VERY disappointing. I purchased the AmpliFi system to replace some older UniFi AP-Lite antennae to get better Wi-Fi speeds and EVERYTHING took a huge hit. There are times that over the wired connections I can only get 11Mb down an 1 up, other times I can get as much as 150Mb down and 20 up with no changes made anywhere.
    It's crazy and entirely unpredictable.

    When I bypass the AmpliFi (in Bridge mode) I go back to 300+ (usually 350)Mb down and 20-40 up on wired and wireless is always exponentially faster on the old antennae as well.

    So, it's not just Gb that's having the issue.

    UBNT already has my support files and have for about a week or just under.
    Hopefully someone is looking seriously into this.

    Between issues with this, new issues with my NVR and UniFi Video cameras, I'm really starting to lose faith in Ubiquiti - of whom I've been a loyal supporter for approaching 10 years. I want to support a US company and one with quality products but something's gotta give or I'm going to defect and stop recommending Ubiquiti to others.


  • Hi all! I'm not sure if you saw this posted in the other thread. I'm not sure if there is just one issue or multiple issues, but hopefully Brett was talking about the problems that some seem to be having in this thread.

    @UBNT-Brett said:
    this is an issue we are currently addressing and should have a solution for soon

    Side note:
    I didn't have Spectrum gigabit for long but my experience was that the service itself was a hot mess, even if I plugged a computer straight into the cable modem. My issues were seemingly with the ISP and not the router. So maybe there are multiple issues? I don't know. Spectrum even swapped my cable modem out 4 times, reproduced the issues at the post outside my house, and I even bought my own Netgear CM1000 modem (which they said wasn't supported but worked just the same as the Spectrum modem once they begrudgingly agreed to set it up), none of that changed anything. I really hope AmpliFi can fix stuff but it would surprise me if this isn't something wrong with Spectrum itself. That said, they have some smart people who work for them, so maybe they can!

    One of my several problems: I live in Indianapolis and all of my traffic was routed through about 20 hops from here -> Tampa Florida -> Chicago Illinois before it actually hit the internet. None of that was helpful for latency or peak bandwidth.

  • @ubnt-brett I have same issue on CenturyLink 1000/1000Mbps package. WiFi is garbage. Slower now than my old Cableone 100/10Mbps package.
    What gives?

  • @brent-wardle Centurylink was not an ISP identified as having any issues in regards to gig speeds. You are more than likely facing an issue with the your environment which we can work through to find a solution.

  • I have since moved/relocated. Still on Spectrum/TWC but now on an even higher speed connection (400Mbps minimum.) Since moving the AmpliFi HD-GE to my new location, I have only seen worse performance! Constant dropping/restarting of WiFi, overriding the ER-X router's DHCP and giving out addresses on a .10.x subnet (who the heck knows where that is coming from?? I'm in Bridge mode, so no guest SSID active...) all on top of terrible speed relative to ISP service provided (and tested.)

    The default gear that Spectrum provided (Arris modem and Sagemcom WiFi "Chimney") exponentially outperforms the AmpliFi gear in pretty much every way from a speed perspective. This is VERY disappointing. At this point, I am seriously considering ditching the AmpliFi gear and using the 'stock' gear supplied by my ISP - something I NEVER thought I'd say about products that come out of UBNT.

  • Yeah my wifi is trash after switching to Amplifi. I barely pull 80 down wireless usually 20-35. I was sold 400/20.. tell me how a $300 router is this ******...

  • I recently upgraded to Comcast Xfinity gigabit service, and new modem (Arris SB8200). New Ethernet cables, etc- the works! I’m having the same issues as everyone here. Direct connect to modem (Ethernet), getting 900+ Mbps. Direct connect to AmplifiHD (Ethernet)- 300 Mbps max! Wireless- 200-225 Mbps. Very disappointing. Hopefully have a fix soon.

  • I am having similar issues with Comcast. We are getting 500mbps (what we are paying for) hardwired to the router but only 100 to 200 mbps through wifi and on the ISP test in the app. Very frustrated.

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