Slow WiFi on Spectrum Gigabit

  • @john-dougherty @Lucas-Kinder Please make sure you have Hardware NAT enabled on your device, that is required for gig speeds

  • Hardwire NAT has zero effect with Xfinity gig, we get 800+ direct to the modem and 150-200 hardwired and 225ish wireless through the HD Amplifi

  • So any fix with this, the speeds have been so bad now.

  • @prodigy-xo I am still researching this issue and working on a solution. I will post an update on this thread once I have one.

  • @ubnt-brett I am having the same problem, tried every "fix" to the issue, but still nothing more than half speed.

    Should be eligible for a return of product if this isn't fixed soon, this issue has been going on for so long.

  • @gøran-solbakken This is currently one of our top priorities. It seems to be only affecting specific ISP's. Please make sure you update your firmware to v3.0.0 because some potential improvements/fixes were implemented in the latest firmware.

  • Just upgraded to Spectrum 400 Mbps and having the same issue - maxing out at the same speeds mentioned above... I'm on 3.0 as well - i'd be interested in beta testing if a solution is avail. Switch out router for testing and the issue is resolved.

  • @michael-niro You said you switched the router and now everything is working for you? You can join our beta program by filling out the form here.

  • @ubnt-brett Correct - using an OnHub hard wired I was much closer to hitting expected throughput (360 to 450 Mbps depending on when I tested). I'll join the beta as well - any changes that may improve on the performance? Thank you for the quick reply!

  • @michael-niro Awesome, once you download the beta firmware, if you experience the same issue please generate support files from AmpliFi so we can take a look at whats going on. Just as a side note, for speed tests please use a 3rd party speed test website, not the built in app test.

  • @ubnt-brett Correct, I used from a few different regions locally. As soon as the beta is available for my gear I'll update and post feedback. Thank you for your help.

  • I'm super disappointed in Amplifi. Like everybody else, my wifi speeds are absolute crap - typically 1/4 what I get when using my BlueCurve router. My plan is 600/20. With the BlueCurve modem, my wifi is typically between 370 and 400. With the amplifi (in bridge mode) I'm only getting 75 to 100. This is insanely disappointing, particularly since you've been working on this issue for more than a year. Looks like I'll probably be returning this to Amazon. Signal quality with my 2 x Access Points is great, but what good is signal quality without speed? Fix this $&%/:" issue already!!

  • Hi folks, my wife and I recently moved from a FIOS area to a Spectrum area and immediately started having issues with our speeds. We pay for the 1GB service, but the best we can do is around 150MBPS. We updated to the latest firmware last evening, and it has not made a difference. We have tried all of the troubleshooting steps listed in this thread to no avail. I think we need to try and receive that earlier firmware that seems to work for SPectrum folks and get them at least close to the 1GB speeds that we are paying for. If anybody could help, I would be greatly appreciative!!!

  • @hengst-2404 I wish I had mine before the newer update to test throughput, the low throughput is making it difficult to use an otherwise great product. Experiencing the same issues you mentioned and same limitations.

  • Same issue with Spectrum 1G service. Less than 100 G through Amplifi but tested close to 1G at the modem. Same service replies. The coverage is great but with no speed, it’s useless. Read through all of this. Is there a firmware version that fixes that I can request?

  • I am an AV Integrator; we used to install Apple Airport Extremes for clients not requiring Enterprise level networks. I will start by prefacing that I know this is a DIY product, however, when Apple evacuated/abandoned the network segment of their business, we were left holding thousands of dollars of useless gear. We were forced to find another solution so we researched available products and adopted AmpliFi HD as our "go-to" system. This was specifically due to the similarity of installation and connections! This product allowed us to integrate in the same locations as the Extremes without rewiring. Now all of our trusting clients that allowed us to upgrade from Apple to AmpliFi HD routers are experiencing issues with Wi-Fi connection speeds. The clients are mostly on Comcast with either XB3 or XB6 modems (depending on services @ or below 300MBPS). All of the modems are in bridge mode. Ethernet connectivity performs based on available ISP delivery, whereas the WiFi speeds are as posted in this thread; unbelievable to see there is not a resolve; especially due to the amount of time and complaints posted in this thread alone! Our clients on United Telephone Gigabit Fiber are experiencing the same issues. As an integrator, we survive and thrive by trusted advice & solutions. If rolling back the FW to 2.6.3 from v3.0.0, then that means thousands of dollars for truck rolls to accommodate. What's the SOLUTION HERE?

  • Have Spectrum 400 and seem to be experiencing the same issues with WiFi throughput (latest FW 3.0.1). Requested beta but have not seen an update.

  • @ryan-lukens Thanks for the info, as far as getting you added to the Beta list that should be done soon. You can PM me your information and I can make sure you are added, thanks.

  • I also have Spectrum 400 + HD Gamer's Edition. I was getting an abysmal wireless 50-70mbps download w/ 20-30mbps upload with the HD (and hardware NAT enabled, if it matters). The standard Spectrum router is getting 400mbps+ wireless download.

    Once I put the HD in bridge mode, the wireless speed is up past 400, as expected.

    Any idea what's going on here? Seems kind of crazy that I have to daisy-chain a Spectrum & this HD Gamer's Edition router together to have quality speed AND mesh network.

  • I've had my AmpliFi HD Gamers since around Feb/March or so and no matter the firmware, I've continued to have this issue on TWC/Spectrum - since day 1 (should've returned it when I had the chance I reckon.) I trusted UBNT to make it right though - that's not panning out so well.

    I wish I could remember the original f/w version that came on my system as I've been through several updates (currently current as of 7/29) but had same issues on 3.0 so rolling back to that won't make any difference.
    Perhaps mine shipped with f/w that was already affected too... but I know I updated to 3.0 and had issues prior.


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