Slow WiFi on Spectrum Gigabit

  • We are currently looking into why performance is being affected on Spectrum networks. If you can send me a direct message I can discuss possible tests to try on your network in the mean time. Also, are you using a Docsis 3.1 modem?

  • @ubnt-brett
    How do I send you a direct message?

    I'm using an Arris TM1602 modem which is Docsis 3.0.

  • I cannot send you a direct message on the community because you are under a guest account. Please email me at

  • @ubnt-brett I’m looking into purchasing a DOCSIS 3.1 modem to use with Spectrum. my service doesn’t currently support it, but since I’m in the market, I might as well upgrade. Are there certain models that have been tested? Others that are known to have problems?

  • @ubnt-brett
    Sorry about that, I had to redo my account as I didn't want my full name being displayed. I'll send you an email shortly.

  • @ubnt-brett I have a spectrums 400mbps plan and we have a modem/voice combo “Spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA” and speeds have been really poor with downloading. Usually used to get 250 to 400 mbps on my mesh points and now only get about no more 60mbps on both mesh points, yet even showing 88% signal strength on both. I switched back to 2.6.3 right now and speeds still not what I want them to be at.

  • @ubnt-brett sorry had the wrong name for our modem/voice combo. It’s an “Hitron eMTA Hitron E31N2V1”

  • @ubnt-brett
    Just checking to see if you got my email?

  • @zick Yes I got it, thank you so much!

  • @ryan-brandt There isn't a list of devices that work and do not work in terms of Docsis 3.1 modems with Spectrum, so I do not have any recommendations for you. Some users report no issues whatsoever, others we are currently working with to help improve performance.

  • @ubnt-brett Brett, I thought I'd give you an update and let you know I picked up a Netgear CM1000 Modem. This works great with my 2 Amplifi HD's on 2.9.2. I've been running it for a couple months now with no issues.

  • @ryan-brandt are you getting full Gig speeds using ethernet. I'm using that same modem on spectrum & having speed issues with my AmpliFi HD's.

  • UBNT-Brett 14, Dec 2018, 14:51:
    @ryan-brandt There isn't a list of devices that work and do not work in terms of Docsis 3.1 modems with Spectrum, so I do not have any recommendations for you. Some users report no issues whatsoever, others we are currently working with to help improve performance.

    @ubnt-brett Brett, we had Spectrum gigabit for a period of time (technically still have it until we're done vetting our new fiber gigabit).

    We tried the Netgear CM1000 and were able to get it working. When I called up to have the modem swapped, they pushed back saying it was incompatible but after pushing them to try anyway, all was fine after they put the MAC in to get it working. We had tons of problems with Spectrum's gigabit (unrelated to AmpliFi equipment) which is why we didn't keep it long. But the issues we had were the same for both the CM1000 as well as the Spectrum-provided modem.

    On a side note, if you have any heavy tests you want me to perform (or you want to perform), I currently have an unused AmpliFi HD kit + unused Spectrum Gigabit connection. I'd be happy to setup a PC for you & your team to remote into to play with. Any interest? If so, send me a DM/email.

  • @tristan-baptist Is this the modem you are using in both locations?

  • @ubnt-brett it’s connected to one HD and the other is used as a mesh. I get 400-420 in WiFi but LAN never hits anything close to a gig

  • How is everybody on Spectrum actually testing your speeds? Almost none of the common speedtest options I tried would get more than ~400-600mbps over Spectrum's gigabit. The only one I could get to somewhat-reliably test well was Google Fiber's speedtest page. Nothing on Ookla would work very well (although quite a few of those work great on my current Fiber connection). I came to the conclusion that Spectrum just doesn't have the interconnects (hardware? contracts? I dunno) to most of the rest of the internet to support gigabit at this time.

    Additionally, the fact that I'm in Indianapolis and they route 100% of my traffic from here to Tampa to Chicago before it hits the internet surely doesn't help.

  • I have had this issue going on for 4 months. I have been escalated to every tier you can imagine in chat and phone (20+ conversations). I've tried every firmware they have offered me. I've tried several types of CAT 5/6 cables. I have reset my whole system including the modem an insane amount of times. I have tried 3 different types of makes/models modems (ALL DOCSIS 3.1). I'm convinced that there is a limitation OR there is a major firmware/hardware issue that is causing slow internet speeds. This system simply doesn't work well with Spectrum, period. Frustrated is an understatement. I've been troubleshooting this system for far too long.

  • Has anyone with these speed issues tried putting a gigabit Ethernet switch in between their modem and Amplifi router?
    I have seen instances where two devices just do not want to negotiate properly and having an intermediary switch solves the problem.
    If anyone has a gigabit switch lying around it may be worth a try...

  • I tried @Jimmy-Smothers suggestion of putting a switch between my amplifi & my router. That made zero difference for me.

    My Amplifi is in bridge mode, but is also using one ethernet port in back as a switch. My wifi speeds are almost a tenth of my wired speeds (~900 wired, ~100 wireless). What is really weird, is that even if the machine is wired through the amplifi, the speeds are still 900+. All of my slowdown is in the wifi. I'm on latest firmware version (2.9.2 I believe with A-MSDU enabled. Though disabling it hasn't improved the situation.)

  • Hi @bryce-verdier - for the client you are doing the WiFi speed testing, what connection link rate is shown for device details in the app?

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