Slow WiFi on Spectrum Gigabit

  • @whiticus-washere What speeds are you seeing wired to the AmpliFi?

  • Is there a fix to the modem issue and AmpliFi yet? I am using E31N2V1 spectrum modem. I have had 125Mbps speeds over wifi.

  • I just picked up the Amplified HD today. I have Spectrum Gigabit with my own Arris SB8200 docsis 3.1 modem and my wired speeds are barely reaching over 200mbps. Can someone help me downgrade from whatever the latest version is to something more stable? I was really excited to pick up this router today but so far I feel kinda let down.

  • @bart-tissue PM me and I can help you downgrade your firmware.

  • @ui-brett I live in Norway, so I am guessing this has nothing to do with ISP. Upgraded a few days ago, still the same speeds.

  • Hi @UI-JT ,

    I am having the same issue...

    Gigabit from Cox
    SB8200 DOSIS 3.1
    850 mbps+ when directly connecting to modem
    Not in bridge mode
    Hardware NAT enabled and does not help.
    getting at most 80 mbps from wifi most the time. about 100 mbps when hardwire connected to Amplifi.

    The weird thing is when I reset the power on both modem and Amplifi the speed would go up to 400-500 mbps for a few minutes then drops to sub-100.

    Please help. Can I downgrade fw to test as well?

    It was getting at least 200+ when I had Cox 300 Preferred. Now upgrading to Gigabit I am getting slower speed.

  • Greetings @UI-JT

    I upgraded to gigabytes on Xfinity a month ago and not getting past 40mbps, before I had 250 and it was ok, now not getting 40, please help me out here, xfinity tech came by and full speed is coming fro the router but less than 40 from my AMPLIFI.

    Can you help on the issue.


  • @juan-g-espaillat Can you try enabling HardwareNAT as well as IPv6 on AmpliFi?

  • @derek-saville I have a gigabit switch (16-port) between a psfense router and AmplifiHD (Bridge Mode). Only see 200/200 whereas other hardwired devices are 800+/800+.

  • @UI-Brett Hi, I recently got xfinity gigabit speed installed. On the Wi-Fi with the AMPLIFI system I don’t get anything higher than 50 megabit. On a wired connection straight to the modem I get 800+ most of the time.

    I’ve already read the other comments and enabled hardware nat plus ipv6. Nothing changed. I saw a post earlier that mentioned downgrading to another version for faster speed? How can I do that?


  • Why the h*ll does not amplifi/ubiquiti fix these serious issue BUT want people to buy their products?!?!?!?!

    This is a serious buggy-issue for milion of people out there that use amplifi hd mesh, so fix it or else people will buy other mesh-systems like d-link , tp-link, asus mesh or something else!

  • @patricio-caldera Do you have an Xfinity modem/router combo? If so, then putting the AmpliFi into bridge mode may be required. You also may need to factory reset on your system due to receiving a new service from your ISP.

    If you wish to downgrade your firmware take a look at this help article for instructions on how to do it:

  • @ui-kevin no I don’t have a modem / router combo. It’s just a regular modem.

    If I downgrade the firmware does that fix the issue? It’s not that I wish to downgrade, I just wish to solve the issue. What version should I go down to?

  • @patricio-caldera The firmware rollback will bring the firmware down one update to 3.1.0. It is hard to say if it will fix your issue. If you continue to have issues please submit a support file up to us so we can analyze what is going on. Here is an article on how to do that:

  • @ui-brett hey, already did that and speed is not improved, reset it, factory reset it, downgraded to 3.1.0 (won't let me downgrade more) when downgraded speed improved for hours but went back down to 20mbps, wired speed same 20; out of Netgear modem is full speed up to 950s mbps I have a Netgear CM 1150V modem with Xfinity as ISP

  • @juan-g-espaillat Hi Jaun, can you generate a support file for us? I would love to help resolve your issue PM me, thanks.

  • Spectrum had upgraded my speed from 100 to 200. My cable modem is the ARRIS series SB6183, docsis 2.
    I also could not get any speed over 106 Mbps which is what I was seeing before. Hardware NAT was already enabled. I enabled IPV6 and immediately got around 176 to 200 Mbits.
    This morning I installed a COAX POE filter on the cable that is coming in to my home,on the INPUT side of the road splitter, before it splits off to the other COAX cable. Ran speedtest and am seeing consistent over 200 Mbits. Hope this helps.

  • Hey Amplifi supporters.

    Why does people have these issue's and when are you tech guys of Amplifi support fix the issue once and forever?

    People can't seem to get full speed of Wifi with Amplifi but with other mesh system they can, why?

  • @g-m-l I'm not a "tech guy of AmpliFi", just a customer who has Spectrum. I am able to get ~920mbps on my Spectrum gigabit connection with AmpliFi HD over a wired connection. Ultimately, the only "magic" I need to do is turning on Hardware NAT and then rebooting everything (including the modem). After doing that, all works well for me.

    I'm not posting this to minimize your issues or to suggest you're doing wrong. The reason I'm posting this is to help you understand that this is a complicated situation where there are probably many more shades of gray than you are aware of. It's not a black-and-white universal problem.

    Before I attached my AmpliFi equipment to this Spectrum gigabit connection, I was using other direct-to-the-modem tests and I can assure you that Spectrum has had some serious issues on their own. When my gigabit was installed, it took about 3 months before they could consistently provide more than ~500mbps. I had ~8 Spectrum techs out to my house ~30 times over that 3 month period. I had people driving in from out of state to look at and test my connection. I was buying (and returning) consumer-grade hardware that they couldn't acquire to help participate in the tests. The Spectrum techs were able to pull ~1.5gbps using their network diagnostic equipment yet when they took one of their own modems and hooked it up to the connection at the post by the street, they too saw the ~500mbps speeds. They worked on this for THREE MONTHS, sometimes coming out to my home every day of the week. I can't even imagine how easy/hard it is for AmpliFi engineers to know what's going on if Spectrum engineers take that much time while being on-site before they can figure out what's going on, especially when AmpliFi has some customers who have a perfectly functional setup.

    It's just a messy situation in general for us Spectrum customers - it's not necessarily AmpliFi's fault, even if it is unfortunate for them that they have some frustrated customers because of this. But do realize, they do want to help and are trying their best! It's just a tough situation with Spectrum for so many reasons. 😞

  • @shane-milton

    I never used Spectrum.
    So it must be some other issue why people can't get full speed over Wifi.
    And this has to be fixed ASAP, or else people choose diffrient/other mesh wifi system.

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