Slow WiFi on Spectrum Gigabit

  • @g-m-l This thread was originally made by a user experiencing these issues with Spectrum being their ISP. Understanding now that your issues is different than the original post, can you please provide some more details describing your scenario and the issues you are experiencing?

  • @UI-Brett I see a lot of posts about poor wifi speed on Amplifi. I just bought a $500 unit on Amazon, but haven't gotten to testing out speeds and other things due to just moving until now. Unfortunately just past the return window or it would probably go back. Spectrum 980M, wired I get 900M, wifi I top out at 120M most places, barely 150 near router. On 802.11ac 2x2 iOS and 802.11ac 3x3 devices as well! Factory resets have been done, firmware updates, and everything else. I have positioned a good 'triangle' for mesh between the units, with the main unit in the basement on the mesh points on 1st and 2nd floors. Has there been any progress? I see posts going back to 2018 at least and still it is an issue. If not, I guess I am selling on e-bay, and buying something else. 😞

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