Explain the difference between Streaming and Gaming QoS settings

  • With the improved Wi-Fi experience that Amplifi brings to our home, it introduces a new problem. Our devices can finally talk to our 85mbps-down/6mbps-up comcast connection at full speed. Now, if my iMac is updating Photos in the cloud at 6mbps-up, it can hose my partner who is trying to have a FaceTime chat with a friend.

    Essentially, I’d like to prioritize the iPads which get used for video chat over the iMac that gets used for Netflix, but both of them are technically streaming data. So, can I set the iPads to “gaming” and the the iMac to “streaming” can get the iPads to have priority over the iMac? I would leave the other 12 devices at normal (iPhones, laptop, printer, etc.)


  • Yes, this!

    I would like to know what QoS rules mean for each option. Gaming/Streaming/Normal is too generic and we don't know what effect it has on traffic

  • Hey @AJ-Alfieri-Crispin and @Christopher-Demicoli thanks for the great questions!

    Wireless devices are set to Normal by default when they are connected. Streaming is a step above Normal and Gaming would receive the highest priority. @AJ-Alfieri-Crispin that's correct, you'll want to set the iPads to Gaming and the iMac to Streaming while leaving your other devices at normal.


  • @ubnt-chance Thanks!

  • @ubnt-chance Thanks for the expaination, why not just rename the QoS Settings in the app to "default, high, highest" ? Would make the things more clear 🙂

    In addition a "low" setting would be nice to have where I can set devices to which shouldnt get any priority at all and their internet access is less important than "default".

    Thanks alot!

  • @marco-götze I want to second a request for "Low" priority. I don't mind if my 9-year old's YouTube pauses to cache if it means that actual work is less disrupted.

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