speeds over the mesh have collapsed.

  • I'm not sure if it was a recent update or if it's always been bad and I didn't notice until my pc moved away from the main router but now I am forced to connect my PC over the mesh network. I have 3 access points and all 3 connect directly to the router. At least I believe they do, the app stopped showing me their connection paths when I added the 3rd ap. Now my speed degrades like this,

    Isp engineer tested their router and it supposedly hits full speed (I was at work so I didn't see for sure): 400Mbps.
    Speed test run on the amplifi router: around 150-200Mbps. Have been happily living with this.
    Speed test on my pc connected via the meshed ap: 15-20Mbps. This I can't live with.

    Is there any reason why my mesh points would be operating so badly? I have them set to 2.4ghz as the backbone network but I have only 2 other wireless networks in range so I don't really have any congestion issue. My signal strengths are always higher than 60%.


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