Oddball doorbell question

  • I'm just reaching out to see if anybody has seen something like this before. I have two skybell units from my security company. Everything was working until July 2018. Now, for whatever, reason, I can stream my cameras but they will not send the recorded videos. Watching the network traffic, I see the packet leave but it doesn't get past the Amplifi with its payload. I'm using DNS bypass with primary and secondary public DNS. Third DNS is the Amplifi itself.
    Using a flat network with a
    I 'assume' Amplifi doesn't have any hidden ACL or NAT firewall settings, right? Thinking aloud, I think it's a reverse lookup issue.

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • My issue was fixed when I removed Amplifi PPPOE at my LANedge with another router. Once it was set back to DHCP and pulled a new NAT address from another vendor's router my video recodings worked again.

    Love to know why.

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