No throughput when using VPN from laptop

  • I have an Amplifi HD router only. No mesh points. I sit a few feet away with perfect WiFi signal. 2x2 mimo connection with max speed using a quite new HP Probook. I normally get 110-115 Mbps, which is my maximum broadband speed. I have no problem with any connected devices, be it iPhones, appleTV or Sonos system. But when I connect to work using Globalprotect VPN-client my speeds drops to around 1mbps, sometimes less, and I cant figure out why.

    The VPN works fine if I use my iPhone as access point. It works fine through our guest WiFi at work (LigoWave NFT). It works fine when connected with cable to the Amplifi. The only place I have issues is on the Amplifi WiFI.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Could it be some autofiltering stuff being done in the Firewall?

    Btw. its only the DL speed beeing affected. I can still upload at normal speed.

    (Running FW 2.8.5)

  • I am using Globalprotect v4.1.5 with AmplifiHD v2.8.5 and have no speed or connection issues with WiFi.

  • Thanks for replying Fred. Although it doesnt really help me, it's good to know that there is hope!

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