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    This is an obvious flaw I think, almost a bug. Of course it must be possible to have different passwords on standard, guest, and additional SSID/networks.

    Or what do you say, Ubiquiti?


  • Hello @Jonas-Linnertz ,

    Thank you for reaching out! Through the smartphone app, you can create a guest network with a different password than the main SSID. Please find these settings under "Wireless" in the smartphone app.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • @ubnt-jack Yes but what I mean is that you can't set a password for the additional SSID, all you can set is a SSID name. That is a security flaw I think. Or at least a missing functionality.

  • We appreciate your input! The additional SSID shares the same password as your main SSID @jonas-linnertz . Your main WiFi password should be kept extremely safe and personal to you and those you trust. A guest network is specifically designed for people and devices that you do not completely trust, hence why the guest network exists in the first place with it's own specific password.

    I hope this explains the situation a little bit better.

  • @ubnt-jack someday soon i hope we can assign a third password that is also on a separate lan, to be used for iot devices. really need a totally separate network for iot. also need to be able to assign at least 1 physical port to iot network.

  • @jonas-linnertz it isn't designed for that, it isn't a separate network so there's no real security flaw.

    I to have asked for separate internal vlan/SSID with configurable routing between them, specifically for that reason iot, kids, etc...

    But what I ended up doing in the meantime was changing my original ssid to the guest Network and creating a new ssid for my wife, I, Google Homes, Chromecast, ETC. That way no one can access our devices. Not perfect but it works!

  • @ubnt-jack Separate vlan:s is an advanced feature that probably is above the target feature wise for this product, I understand that. Perhaps also the idea of mapping LAN-ports to a specific network falls under "above the target", although it sure would have been really nice.

    But, I and MANY with me would like a possibility to secure our home networks in the obvious and basic way:

    • Main network. WPA2, choose band etc. Check.
    • Guest WLAN. Unique password for this. So your visitors can use your internet access without accessing your internal stuff. This is already in place. Check!
    • Additional network. Perfect for IoT or other.
      This, of course, must have its own unique password. There are plenty of reports that confirm security flaws in IoT-devices. Why would I then want to share this password with my main network? And also, if you for some reason need to change WiFi password, you have to change on ALL devices today - a real PITA. With separate passwords you are able to change password on for example your main network, but you dont have to fiddle with each IoT sensor around the house.

    All pieces for this is already in place in the router/firmware, so the only thing to add in this matter is the possibility to, if wanted, have a unique password for the Additional SSID. Perhaps the default could be a checked check box "Use same password as main network" to make it simple, but still possible to use a unique password if you want.

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