EdgeRouter Lite Bridge to AmpliFi Router

  • Our small business office unfortunately is stuck with very slow DSL internet. To help with the load we have two DSL lines that are load shared with an EdgeRouter Lite - which does a pretty good job but has no wireless capabilities.

    So - I'd like to install Amplifi Mesh Router after the EdgeRouter - basically putting the ER Lite in bridge mode - and allowing the Amplifi to handle all routing functions and DHCP.

    Is this the best way and how do I go about configuring the ER Lite to handle this setup?


  • It might be best to set the Amplifi HD on bridge mode, so you don't lose the shared speeds.

  • Don't even have to do that, I keep my erX in front of my Amplifi for fq_codel. Neither are in any bridge mode, the erX provides a reserved IP to the Amplifi.

    But why not just get ubnt APs and let the erL do the routing?

  • Ok so waaaay easier than I thought. Just plug the Amplifi's in anywhere along the wired net set in bridge mode and boom done.

    The main purpose for this is that I beam our "lousy" internet across the street to my house as well. I had been using Google WiFi's for the access points - however they create their own subnet separate from the ERL - so couldn't network between the office and house easily.

    Turns out the Amplifi was ridiculously simple - literally plug and play. As far as affecting throughput - get ready for this - we are talking about 2 lines of DSL at 8 MB each. That's right folks - a whopping 16 MB/s combined...so the new hardware is far from maxed out... ☠

  • Ok folks, advice please. I have just purchased an EdgeRouter 6P as the Amplifi HD just didn't cut it with regards configuration. I will be using the ER 6P as the main router and using the HD behind it to provide the WIFI access. I was under the impression that the HD would have to be in bridge mode for this to work. Is this not the case ?

  • @tim-sparling-0 I do not use mine in bridge mode but the Amplifi manages the network and gives out IPs. All my ER does is gives the Amplifi router it's IP and runs fq_codel.

    If you did want to have ER manage the network then yes, your Amplifi will have to be in bridge mode.

  • @MichaelE
    Many thanks for confirming what I thought. Sometimes a second pair of eyes helps you out ! ☺ 👍

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