Slow download speeds on Amplifi.

  • Re: Download speeds slow/upload just fine

    Figured that I would share throw I fixed my download speeds.

    After reading these forums and trying the various settings being discussed, I finally turned off band sharing any my download speed has gone through the roof.

    I’ve gone from sub 100 to around 500Mbps

  • @mark-handy Hi Mark. I have to agree. Since starting to use Amplifi, after trying several firmware versions, I have also noted very slow upload speeds to cloud services like Dropbox etc. For example when I upload a video file. Compared to other routers and mesh systems, I get about a quarter of the upload speed...very slow... If possible, I would like to hear your and other user's experience with similar uploads.

  • @mark-handy band steering or band sharing?

  • @mark-handy Hi Mark, did you mean Band Steering? (had no effect disabling this for me).

  • @Gavin-Turner @mark-handy @Stefan-Du-Toit there can be a multitude of things that could be causing your speeds to be suffering. One common issues is having download speeds be severely throttled while upload speeds are consistent and strong; to diagnose this one thing to try doing is pause each of the mesh points in the system and run more speed tests. If this improves your speeds then your mesh points are not receiving a strong signal. Another thing to try doing is turning on router steering, this will make devices connect back to the main router if the signal is stronger even if there is a mesh point closer.

    Please direct message me if you would like more help.

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