Firmware v2.8.9

  • @ubnt-brett when you enable basic functionality like monitoring lan connection speeds. Let me know mkay?

  • @ubnt-brett
    The wireless download/upload speed droped significantly. I have a 500Mbit internet line and it just dropped to about 3-400Mbit dl after the update. Upload speed still manages 500Mbit. Copying files localy between my NAS and PC I went from 140-150MB download speed to 40MB and upload speed went from 140-150MB to 60-70MB.
    This is on my Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop.
    There seem to be a huge performance drop between 2.8.5 and 2.8.9.

  • @frank-honore how did your preformance fair under the A-MSDU firmware?

  • @kevin-routon When did you send your Teleport back? This was a known issue that 2.7.1 fixed and no other such issues have been reported to me since then. Quite possible that it has already been fixed and you would need to test again. If it doesn't I would love to address this issue with you further to find any more potential issues with strong passwords.

  • @edward-dolezal said in Firmware v2.8.9:

    apple products are a closed source platform intended to work with their own hardware mainly airport routers please keep that in mind.

    This is no longer true. Apple works hard with the major network providers to insure that their products are implemented to standards for the widest possible pain free usage. They no longer produce any network hardware.

  • @dave-martin my point still stands, they are a walled garden, im sure if are working that hard to fix the issues then in the case then it would not be necessary to disable certain wifi settings on an Asus router to get it would work properly with apple devices, and half the people here with apple devices would not be having such problems, which I personally want to see fixed so the devs can move on to adding other features and the apple users can be happy, I personally want all the issues to be resolved regardless of brand or is.

    I read a few people are having issues with the amplfi app on iOS, but on Android I've had no problems, I suppose it's because Android is open source.

  • @edward-dolezal Your "walled garden" comment shows an ignorant bias and is completely unhelpful. Both open source and closed source software have bugs. If the same Apple hardware (and other non-Apple devices) works better with other third party WiFi routers, it would stand to reason that this is not specifically an Apple problem. These AmpliFi issues are far more complicated than what can be summarized by an indefensible "walled garden" comment.

  • @edward-dolezal I'm not entirely sure you know what walled garden refers to. Typically it's meant to refer to Apple only allowing iOS apps to be installed from the App Store. That's debatably good from the average consumer.

    As for your 'closed' comments? Do you have the complete source for any Samsung phones? Nokia? LG? Huawei?

    By the way, Darwin is also open source, which is what Mac OS and iOS are based upon. It's also a certified UNIX. Not that any of that is really relevant in any way.

  • @edward-dolezal Please check for the latest beta firmware that just launched for this feature

  • @mark-miller so you have to result to insults now amazing, im merely point out that apple is more closed source than Android and is intended to be part of a particular eco system, and you call me ignorant and say point is invalid probes that you are indeed a fan boy and the level of cognitive dissonance amazes me.

    This proves to me that you failed to read the rest of my post, or understand my point that due to its more closed source nature therefore making it hard for example to fix the iOS amplfi app, plus they seem to be using either a proprietary chipset for WiFi or something that the amplfi devs are finding difficult to make compatible as I stated already O want to the the issues resolved because I have family who use apple devices and frequetly visit.

    My other point is that in comparison to Android it is most likely harder to determine the current apple chipset for WiFi and make it compatible hence why there is so many people with apple devices having issues.

    Also calling me ignorant and saying that my point is indefensible does not help

  • @chris-dunlop obviously you haven't read my previous post.
    Im still my self just as qurious as to why most of the problems seem to happen to ios users.

    Also by your comments it seem that you have never spent time on the Merlin-WRT forums.

    Sigh I don't have the source code do you?
    That's an absolutely point less comment.
    Have you tried programming?

    My point is that people need to be patient, it's not that easy to fix the issues, I read a comment before that apple is super common and it should just work with everything,also how would me having the source of any of the the devices help the devs fix the WiFi issues, if I did I'd be under NDA meaning if I did I couldn't tell you, what im referring to is the drivers and software components if the amplfi devs are able to work something out with apple they this will be fixed.

    It seems that both you and the other person are upset because I said something about apple devices, personally im brand agnostic, I personally don't care what people use it's their money.

    Regards of options apple is a walled garden due to it being more locked down, to prevent the end users form breaking something as well as to make it more user friendly.

    Im not here to O argue with everyone
    So I will agree to disagree.

  • @edward-dolezal I did not insult you personally, but I did criticize your flawed methods of reasoning. You have not presented any meaningful factual data based on scientific method, only speculation based on your own biases. You claim that Apple uses a proprietary chipset, and you make software assumptions without knowing the facts which are currently only privy to the AmpliFi team.

    None of this is helpful for many of us who are trying to help customers and AmpliFi engineers by providing factual data.

  • @mark-miller so you didn't insult me personally but you threw a tantrum, right.
    Yet you claim.that in being bias, and unfactual yet I haven't see you provide any help, then you play the holier than thou art position, if in not mistaken wasn't it you who said apple is extremely common it should just work with apple, yes super helpful, the mere fact that they have a home button codes to only be used by that device, and a replacement had to be re programed at an apple shop probes my point don't believe me watch Louis Rossman s YouTube channel, he repairs the devices.

    Trying to cover up an emotionally illicited response with logical statements.
    If in not mistaken one of the devs seem to have liked some of my posts about apple, and I want them to fix it so that everyone can be happy O don't see it as fair that the apple users have to suffer just because a problem exists, I have family that have apple devices I can't really tell them to by an amplfi router till the issues are fixed.

    I take my hat off to the amplfi developers, for doing Thier best to help us.

  • Ever since doing this latest update my WiFi keeps cutting in and out every couple minutes. I’ve already done hard reset and rest to manufacture settings but drop in internet keeps happening frequently.

  • @edward-dolezal said in Firmware v2.8.9:

    @chris-dunlop obviously you haven't read my previous post.

    Seems I read it better than you did.

    To wit, and rather than paraphrasing, I'll quote you directly "apple is a walled garden it's not open like Linux which is what Android is based off." It's your assertion that having having a linux kernel makes something "open." It does not, any more than having a darwin kernel does.

    Samsung devices, LG devices et. al. are no more open than Apple devices. Off the top of my head, other Linux based devices that are closed ... well, for starters, the pretty router we all own.

    Also by your comments it seem that you have never spent time on the Merlin-WRT forums.

    No, why would I? I used Tomato back in the day. But in the late 2000s I lost interest. Now I own a Amplifi, which is why I'm here.

    Sigh I don't have the source code do you?

    No, no one but the vendors do. The definition of closed, which is the point. They provide the source for anything that is licensed in such a way as to require it, but everything else is proprietary. Sort of like

    That's an absolutely point less comment.

    Again, it speaks to your assertion that devices are magically "open" because of their kernel. They aren't. See the bolded text above.

    Have you tried programming?

    Since 1980. From FORTRAN, c and assembler on VAX , assembler on 6502 right up to Swift more recently.

  • @chris-dunlop actually you didn't if you actually bothered to read back before you decided to jump in internet he first place I was addressing another member I suspect to be a troll and no I don't assume it's more open, just easier to program for in comparison, also apple in certain phones have the home button explicitly programed for a the phone I can't remember which model of its not replace with a reprogrammed one it a certain feature is disabled

    Actually did spend time on them Merlin wrt forums you would notice people complaining about wifi issues on a router where the drivers have been the same for one year, in sure as someone with programming experience, you of all people would understand that it's not easy to eliminate bugs.

    If you actually bothered to read my previous post, I said I would agree to disagree, but apparently you feel the need to "be right", or you, so I don't see the point where you make assumptions about me with out actually being what I post.

  • @chris-dunlop I appreciate your efforts to prove me wrong, rather than throwing baseless insults and claiming to be scientific, or helpful, after complaining that it should work with apple because apple is extremely common.

    I was originally addressing that member.

    But your questions in regards to source code, made no logical sense, because you didn't read even if I did have the source code, I would be under NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) even if I did have it I could not tell anyone or re distribute it so therefore it's pointless, also even if I had exact details of the hardware inside such as pin outs and PCB schematics right down to the model numbers of the ics or capacitors.

    But regardless apple has a more locked down platform in comparison to Android especially in regards to app development, they are to thier credit more strict when it comes to apps being released on their app store but on the flipside there is alot of red tape when it comes to relesaing an update to fix a bug for example, granted that thier products are designed for people who are less tech savvy when it comes to tinker and troubleshooting.

    But I will agree with you that all devices have some degree of closed source components, and alot has changed since I last looked, so I will agree that to some extent in wrong about apple.

    Also you seem like a very intelligent person,
    If you are interested pm me I'd love to chat with you mabye I can learn some new thing's from you. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    PS im open to learning, im only human after all, also im finished, with our chat we can talk more via pm rather than filling up the thread.

  • @edward-dolezal said in Firmware v2.8.9:

    @chris-dunlop actually you didn't if you actually bothered to read back before you decided to jump in internet he first place I was addressing another member I suspect to be a troll

    Once again, yes I did. I have no comment on the rest of the content because I happen to agree.

    and no I don't assume it's more open

    That's the complete opposite of what I responded to in the first place, and directly quoted in my reply this morning. But thank you for clarifying.

    If you actually bothered to read my previous post, I said I would agree to disagree...

    After having asked questions, which were responded to.

    but apparently you feel the need to "be right", or you, so I don't see the point where you make assumptions about me with out actually being what I post.

    I made no assumptions or even comments about you. You on the other hand made several just in one sentence; that I didn't read your posts, that I feel the need to be right for a start.

    Regarding the bolded text, again, my replies were directly to what you posted. I even quoted it/them for clarity.

  • @chris-dunlop Again, it speaks to your assertion that devices are magically "open" because of their kernel. They aren't

    Right tottaly not assuming anything, yet a seemingly upset because I called apple a walled garden which lets face it it's a heavily locked down platform.

    So you complete agree with the other member who was being a troll and having an emotional response to a cristisim of apple devices, after I tried to point out to that person that to it would be harder for the developers, to troubleshoot, or with me.

    You seem to be assuming alot, and obviously, I've sad 50 times already that I've let this discussion go but obviously you can't.
    Let's just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

    And to be clear if you actually read back to the original response I made to the person who said that it should work because apple is super common, you probably should not have wasted time responding to me, but it seems as the rational adult here, I seem to be the one attempting to appeal to reason, I have already countless times have said that in done and am ready to move on from this exchange, but obviously you aren't.

    Now I hope you are finished because I am, this is becoming a waste of time at this point.
    Im happy to agree to disagree.

  • @robbie-martinez I have the same problem although seems to be related to older devices on 2.4ghz, also when I pause the satellites the problem disappears

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